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Austrian immigration process for Red-white-Red card

Austria immigration

People of the non-EU countries, who intend to immigrate to Austria for work and residence, can apply for Austria’s Red-white-Red card. In order to obtain this card they should satisfy required criteria through a points based test and meet certain additional requirements.

Austria immigration from India

Austria Immigration From IndiaPeople, who intend to migrate from India to Austria, have Austrian Red-white-Red card available option.

Red-white-Red card is issued for duration of 12 months and authorizes the card holders to get employed under an employer. After being employed for one year in the country they can apply for Red-white-Red card plus, which authorizes the card holder to have unlimited access to labor market.

Following are the people, who are eligible for Austria’s Red-white-Red card

  • Very highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations’
  • Key workers, who are self employed
  • Graduates of colleges of higher education or universities of Austria
  • Other key workers

Austria Immigration points Calculator

Very highly qualified workers

Austria Immigration points Calculator

Eligible immigrants of third country nationals are regulated by Red-White-Red Card scheme .So as to obtain a Red-White-Red card, individuals have to attain sufficient points for factors such as educational qualifications, experience at work, Language proficiency, Age and studies pursued in Austria.

Austrian point’s calculator will help the individuals to know whether they will be able to achieve the required score for a Red-White-Red Card as Very Highly Qualified workers.Individuals can attain a maximum score of 100 points out of which they have score a minimum of 70 points.

Skilled workers in shortage occupations

Individuals can apply for a Red-White-Red card as Skilled Worker in a Shortage Profession on condition that they have completed the education in shortage occupation and the employer in Austria provides an employment to the workers based on the qualification and offer remuneration according to Austrian market standards.

Maximum of 75 points can be scored out of which a minimum of 50 points has to be scored to be qualified.

Other Key Worker

Individuals can apply for a Red-White-Red card as a key worker if they have an offer of employment according to their educational qualification and they receive minimum salaries based on the legal valid work permit.

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