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Austria Red-White-Red Card -The Best Option for Permanent Immigration

Austria Red White Red cardAre you a skilled worker who wishes to immigrate to Austria? Austria Red-White-Red Card is the best option for individuals who wish to immigrate to Austria permanently. With the intention to meet skill shortages in the country, Austria has introduced an immigration scheme entitled as the Red-White-Red Card to encourage the eligible third-country workers and their dependent family members who wish to settle permanently in Austria depending on personal and labor force requirements. Austria Red-White-Red Card is granted for a period of one year and allows the individuals to fixed-term settlement as well as employment by a particular employer.

Austria Red-White-Red Card Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the Austria Red White Red Card, an applicant must be fall under any one of the category.

Highly qualified workers

The third-country nationals having high-qualification levels can immigrate to Austria by applying for a six-month visa to search a job. Eligible applicants must score at least 70 points in Austria Red White Red Card Points Calculator to be qualified. Points are allotted based on Special qualifications and skills, work experience, language skills, age, studies in Austria.   

Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

In order to apply for an Austria Red-White-Red Card, the third-country skilled workers in shortage occupations must hold proof that demonstrates the completed training in a shortage occupation and acquired a binding job offer from Austrian employer. In addition to this, the applicant of Austria Red-White-Red Card must secure at least 50 points for specified criteria such as qualification, age, work experience and language skills.

Other Key Workers

The Third-country nationals who wish to take employment in key worker fields due to their qualifications can apply for Austria Red-White-Red Card valid for one year. The applicants must score minimum 50 points for certain criteria which include qualifications, age, work experience, language skills, professional athletes and professional sports coaches. However, the applicants must satisfy pre-defined requirements to get Austria Red-White-Red Card.

 Students and Graduates

Under students and graduates category, Pupils and students, third-country graduates and Croatia graduates are eligible to apply for Austria Red-White-Red Card. However, the applicants from each category must meet certain requirements.

Self-employed Key Workers

The self-employed key workers of Third countries can apply for Austria Red-White-Red Card if their self-employed occupation in the country generates macroeconomic benefit that exceeds its own operational benefit. In addition to this, the applicants must meet certain requirements and they can benefit from undertaking a points test.

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