Immigrate to Austria with Red White Red Card Visa

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Austria-Immigration-From-IndiaThe Austria Red white red card is issued for 6 months, and it allows the employment with the employer for which it was requested. After one year, the red white red card plus can be applied, this offers the holders unlimited access to the labor market. The individuals who tend to Immigrate to Austria with Red White Red Card do not require to prove German language skills before entering the nation (these individuals are not subject to the requirement of German before immigration). However, points can be awarded for the knowledge of the German or English language.

Family members of the workers who opt for Austria immigration using the Red-White-Red Card are not subject to quota requirement and should receive a  Red White Red card with instant free access to the labour market.

Austria Red white card immigration regulations for the qualified were also created at the level of the European Union, which has been implemented in each individuals EU nation. In Austria, this was introduced by way of EU blue card.

All those individuals who are highly qualified and desire to migrate to Austria, following conditions do apply.

  • They do not require providing proof of job offer before immigration
  • When they tend to receive minimum points, they will receive a six-month visa to find a job in Austria (job seeker visa).
  • If they tend to find a job that matches their qualification in these six months, they would be issued Red, white, red card without further labour market tests.

In addition to the general criteria, the professional experience, language skills as well as age, the points system for highly quailed workers are taken into account.

The job seeker visa can be applied at the relevant Austrian embassy or consulate.

If visa entry is possible, then an application for Red-White-Red Card during the visa-free stay can be made directly in Austria.

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