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Austria Red White Red card requirements and process

Skilled immigrants across the world have an opportunity to enter Austria through Austria Red White Red card. Qualifying on the points-based test and meeting the other eligibility criteria allows the people of the third world countries to permanently immigrate to Austria. Austria Red White Red card is issued for a period of 12 months and authorizes the visa holder for fixed term settlement and also lets the individual to take up an employment under a specific employer. Austria Red White Red card is available for the following groups of people

  • Very highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers  in shortage occupations
  • Other important workers
  • Graduates from the colleges of higher education or universities in Austria.
  • Key workers who are self employed
Very highly qualified workersAustria red white red card Very highly qualified workers may apply for a 6 months valid visa for the purpose of finding some work if they reach a minimum of 70 points. The applications for this visa have to be filed at the competent Austrian representation (embassy or consulate) in one’s own home country. After they have secured a job, then they can apply for Austria Red White Red card with the competent authority in Austria, if they are able to produce a valid work permit during the time of validity of their job search visa Skilled workers in shortage work Citizens of third world countries can apply for Austria Red White Red card in one of the shortage occupations upon satisfying the necessary requirements.
  • A proof that they have completed training in the shortage occupation
  • The applicant has received a job offer in Austria and the future employer is ready to pay the employee with the minimum pay
  • Has scored the minimum of 50 points in the points test
Other important workers Citizens of third countries can taken up employment in Austria as key workers upon obtaining a Austria Red White Red for which following requirements have to be met
  • The  future employer will pay the minimum salary
  • Has got a minimum of 50 points against the points test factors
Graduates of the colleges of higher education or universities in Austria Nationals of Third countries, who have completed Masters Degree or a diploma programme at an Austrian university, are eligible to reside in Austria for another 6 months to find a job on condition that they meet certain requirements. If they are able to show an employment within the valid 6 months, a Red –white - Red card will be issued provided they satisfy certain requirements. For more updates Follow us @ Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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