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Why does Austria believe in qualified Immigration?

requirements to settle in Austria permanentlyImmigration is a challenge to any country; Austria also has gone through many phases of immigration flow into the country. The Austrian land has witnessed different kinds of immigration; earlier there was a quota system for employers to recruit foreign nationals. But, the allowance is confined to companies who welcome seasonal migration.

The new system of welcoming the skilled professional to integrate them with the Austrian society. The qualified migration, the people who qualify the criteria set by the immigration, are only allowed to enter the Austria . There the salary threshold has also been set to the highly skilled professionals who are ready to join the Austria workforce through the proper immigration procedures.

In 2011, the Austria Immigration introduced the two cards called Austria Red White Red card and Austria Red White Red Plus card. The permits have specific requirements and entitlements; the first RWR card entitles permanent residence and employment at a particular employer and the second gives permanent residence and no conditions regarding the employer open to the labor market.

The purpose of the economic immigration is to welcome the most qualified people into the Austria. The economic immigration policies are framed to drive the economy. To meet the requirements of the various industries, the highly skilled immigration invites the people who qualify the point based system.

In the early transformation of the Austria, it has witnessed a high number of aspirants flow, but the problem was the immigrants were unable to establish themselves economically. Even Canada faced the same situation and finally introduced the new point based system to welcome immigration.

The integration of migration with the local labor market has solved the problems of many countries. Numerous instances proved highly skilled migration has made the countries grow many folds with their best efforts.

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