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Applying for Australian Student Dependent Visa

Australia’s economy is advanced and it is information and knowledge-based. Its universities and educational institutions are first-rate institutions, whether in teaching students at any level or involving in research activities. So, they attract students from the world over. And, since Australia also is in search of student scholars and bright young students, it is of mutual benefit to both the country (Australia) and the student, if the student applies to and chooses to study (i.e. applies for an Australian Student Visa) in a university or the educational institution of choice there.

Australia Student Dependent VisaThus, for example, Australian student visas are provided by the visa and immigration authorities in/for Australia for/in higher education (573) and post-graduate research sector (574). In addition, there are quite a few different categories/types of Australian student visas for a student to study in Australia which are classified as: vocational education visa (572), AUS aid or defence sector visa (576), English language course visa (570), school visa (571), non-award sector visa (575) and student guardian visa (589; given to those who will look after students).

Applicants for student visas (i.e. those want to study in Australia) must meet financial, health insurance, English language proficiency and health and character requirements. Students (applicants for Australian Student Visa) can apply to have partners and dependent children under the age of eighteen accompany them to Australia through or by way of applying for and availing Australian Student Dependent Visas. These family members are known as secondary visa holders and are counted in student visa numbers. Thus, Australian student visa categories allow their family members (as dependents) to join the applicants on their Australian Student Dependent Visas. This is so provided some basic conditions and criteria are met. These are that the applicant of the Australian student visa has enough finances and money to support the dependants. Some more of the applicable rules for getting the applicant’s dependants  are ‘showing evidence in the form of officially issued birth and marriage certificates’, ‘evidence of school enrolment of the children and evidence of health insurance for every dependant’. In addition, for getting the dependants (i.e. Australian Student Dependent Visa applicants) into the country, a form, Form 919 (Nomination of student dependants) for a student visa has to be submitted. As part of this submission of  Form 919,  an original letter from the education provider specifying/stating the time duration of the course of the student and the expected completion date, and that the applicant is satisfying his/her course requirements also have to be submitted to the authorities.

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