Australian Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa – Subclass 476

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Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate VisaAustralia is one of the diverse and unique countries in history, population, climate and culture. Every year thousands of individuals flock to this nation to enjoy its rich, ancient culture and spectacular landscapes. This is one among other developed nations which maintain a stable economy.  Many skilled individuals prefer Australia skilled immigration to gain from job breaks available throughout the country.

Why Immigration to Australia?


Migrate to Australia to get pleasure from its stunning natural environment, great diversity and high quality of life. Individuals who are planning to explore their ideas and skills have to apply for Australia Subclass 476 visa. Australia is one of the finest destinations to live and work from all perspectives of civil rights, income and health care.

People who are planning to move to this well-known destination must undergo the general skilled migration program for successful Australian Immigration. Immigration to Australia is not a tough task, as the rules and regulations that are present in its application process are very simple when compared to other nations. There are different types of Australia temporary visa permits available for an individual to migrate to this country, such as:

  • Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa
  • Skilled Independent Migration Visa
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa
  • Skilled Sponsored Visa

Skilled Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)

This visa allows all engineering graduates from recognised universities to gain a skilled work experience of 18 months in the domain you choose from its occupation list.

This temporary visa lets an individual enjoy unlimited work and study rights. And a candidate applying for this visa can also apply for an employed sponsored visa at any time.

Before applying for this recognised graduate visa, one must know the basic requirements to apply for it.

Requirements to apply for Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa:

  1. Must lodge an application within two years after the completion of the degree. An eligible graduation qualification can be of any of the following:
  1. Bachelors’ degree
  2. Masters degree
  3. Doctoral degree
  4. Postgraduate Diploma
  • no gaps in your academics
  • must be under 31 years of age on the day of application lodging
  • must be proficient in the English language
  • must be able to submit the proof of IELTS  score
  • must possess sufficient funds to support themselves in the country

Benefits of Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa 476

  • Can travel across the country without any restrictions
  • Can undertake further professional studies
  • Can work during your stay

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