Australian Resident Return Visa Processing Time

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If you are an Australian Permanent Resident or you want to return to Australia after your PR visa expires, you will need the Australian Resident Return Visa (RRV) under the Subclass 155 and 157. It is a visa for former residents and former Australian Citizens.

Australian-Resident-Return-VisaThis visa will let you have or recover your status as Australian permanent resident. Only the Australian citizens have an automatic right of entry to Australia. All non- citizens need a visa which will allow them to enter and remain in Australia.

With this visa you can live for the foreseeable future in Australia. Along with that you get to have a travel facility which lets you travel to and fro to Australia for a minimum of five years. Once the travel facility expires you will have to apply for another permanent visa if you want to leave Australia and come back as a permanent visa.

You will be granted visa under the Subclass 155 if you have at least spent a period of two years out of five as a resident or citizen in \Australia. Your return to Australia must help in business ties, cultural ties, employment ties or personal ties.

You will be granted visa under the Subclass 157 if you have lawfully spent at least one day in the past five years or have spent less than two years in the past five years in Australia. If you have been living outside getting Australian Citizenship for three months you must show a compelling reason of staying out of the country.

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