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Australia has presently changed the assessment level for the three countries - India, Nepal and Pakistan- from Level 2 and kept them at Level 3. In the present framework, for student visa the application requirements are in the high-risk category. Australia assesses the applications of student visa on individual merits, like financial requirements, educational qualifications, and English language proficiency.  

Change Depends On Immigration Risk Of Applicants

The requirements change often depending on the immigration risk of applicants, from a country desiring to study in Australia.  The visa system has stands updated for applicants of these three countries and all the changes will be applicable to student applications. The changes envisage that the applicants from these countries will be subjected to mandatory requirement of funds availability and English proficiency. These changes will pose a minor setback for the students as they now need 5.5 in IELTS or a compatible score in PTE that is normal for achieving presently by genuine students.

Assessment Levels are set normally after the authorities determine how the applicants of a country comply with conditions to obtain the student visa.

Moreover, the process is rigorous for students belonging to high-risk countries because they have to provide additional evidence in support of their claims to get the student visa.

Facts Of Immigration Risk

The determination of levels is based on indicators of an immigration risk fixed in the simplified student visa framework. There are numerous parameters like the rate of visa cancellations, visa refusals, and the pace at which holders of student visas become illegal non-citizens, or apply for the protection visa.

Most of visa-issuing authorities change the assessment levels frequently. Additionally it is a response to the concerns of an industry for enrollment of disputable students in courses without assessing their language proficiency in English and better access to funds. Moreover, it will serve as a positive step to maintain the integrity of student visa framework in Australia.

The students struggle in completing the courses and also tarnish the reputation as a favorite destination to obtain top quality education. These changes are unlikely to impact genuine as well as top students.

An Investigation

An investigation of higher education system in Australia showed the reliance on overseas students paying a high fee. The students of some countries reported academic misconduct, widespread plagiarism, and a high failure rate.  The case officers may presently use their discretion and request for the scores in English language and access to funds. Hence the candidates must make the effort to meet these requirements before they seek further information.

72,000 students from India study in Australia, and India is the second biggest source of global students next only to China.

As per the figures of March 2019, there were 613,000 global students in Australia and many of them were Chinese, Indians and Nepalese.  As per the data of Australian Embassy New Delhi, Australia is the popular destination where Indian students go next only to the United States.

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