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DIAC having work and holiday visa talks with Greece

Australian government is in the process of negotiating a reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement with Greece, announced Mr. chris Bowen, minister for immigration and citizenship in Australia. Mr. Bowen said, " Australia and Greece share a rich and strong relationship based on firm community ties. A work and holiday arrangement between the two countries shall display the strength of these connections and are expected to further enhance the cultural links between them." According to this arrangement, young residents of both the nations, aged 18 to 30 years, will be able to enjoy an extended holiday in the guest country, and can also stay there for a period of upto 12 months, during which they can either engage in short term work or opt for studies. The program would issue visa numbers with an annual cap. The process of negotiating this reciprocal and agreeable arrangement may take some time to be finalised and implemented, said Mr. Bowen. The time taken will be utilised for ensuring that all key stakeholders are consulted and the necessary resources and administrative requirements are met. Mr. Bowen considers it to be a significant step, and thanked the members of the parliament, community leaders and the alliance country's community organisations to have proposed such an arrangement. Prior to this, Argentina, along with other countries including Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua, New guinea, Thailand, Turkey and the Us have entered into a reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement in Australia. If you wish to migrate to Australia, visit us on www.opulentuz.com or call our toll free no. 1800-103-1555. you can also sms VISA to 56263.

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