Indians may need two Visas to attend the 2015 World Cup

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Many wealthy cricket fans from India are ready to attend the 2015 World Cup and reportedly, tourism experts have urged Australia and New Zealand to partner for a single-entry visa.

Cricket world Cup 20152007 Cricket World Cup in the West Indies and the 2012 European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine have been the joint hosts for major sports events and have collaborated on visitor visas.

However, Australian Telegraph reports that Indian cricket fans who book tickets for the 2015 World Cup would be subject to a $115 AUD charge for an Australian Tourist Visa and a $165 NZD charge for a New Zealand Tourist Visa.

Ken Morrison, the Chief Executive of Tourism and Transport Forum said that because of its restrictive visa conditions on Indian visitors, Australia risked missing out on a flood of tourists from the subcontinent adding that Australia needs to work with New Zealand to craft a single visa region.

Morrison further said that having a single process for the application of visas to both Australia and New Zealand for the event will make it much easier for Indian visitors to catch up with their team with pool games in both countries. He added that it will encourage travel between New Zealand and Australia and help both countries capitalize on the World Cup opportunity.

The report stated that the number of Indian visitors to Australia increased to 164,000 by approximately 8% in the last financial year and with Tourism Australia targeting India as a source market of growing importance, it is anticipated to increase further.

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