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Migrating to Australia: Getting a spouse visa

Being famously named as Down Under Nation, Australia has recorded substantial growth in the last few decades. It also promises a great life for people who wish to migrate to Australia and live there.

Australian Spouse VisaAustralia truly understands the price of married people staying together and thus entertains spouse visas rollickingly. However, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled and requirements to be met to obtain a spouse visa or a dependent visa.

However, there are severe misconceptions prevailing Australian dependent visa out there. Producing a marriage certificate tagged with spouse visa application does the trick is what most of the people think. But there’s a whole lot of procedure that lies ahead of that.

The spouse visa is usually valid for two years upon issuance. There’s another round of verification after the completion of two years to prove that the couple is still in a genuine and surviving relationship to extend the visa into permanent residence.

Depending on the discrete situations faced by each couple, an interview with either of the spouses will be held to establish a testimony for their relationship.

However, a couple’s marriage should be recognized by the government of the country they got married in and must also be acknowledged by Australian immigration. Marriages with no legitimacy will not be considered for the application.

A couple must also live together to prove their social status of being married. Individual living scenarios are usually not considered.

Coming to Australian dependent visa, the sponsor must be either an Australian citizen or country’s permanent resident. Financial strength to support the proposed dependents must be produced with Australian immigration.

With Australia, there’s a benefit of spouse/dependents being entitled to complete rights of working and studying in Australia as long as their visas hold validity.

There’s a flexibility of migrating to Australia for higher education and the students can also apply for dependent visa for his/her family members. This is of great benefit for sub-continental people who are married at younger ages but still migrate to Australia to pursue higher education and get well settled.

With a couple of fundamental criteria like showing funding capability and establishing genuineness of relationship, obtaining Australian spouse visa is easy and is also rewarding in futuristic sense.

Australia houses many global families within itself and all of them have experienced a great joy living in such a beautiful country.

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