Who is Eligible to Sponsor Australia Partner Visa ?

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Australia-Partner-ImmigrationIf an individual is married to a citizen belonging to Australia or New Zealand citizen, Australian permanent resident or plan to marry or they are in a relationship, they can apply and get Australia Partner Visa.

The Australian Partner Visa applicants are required to be sponsored by the de-facto partner or the Australian Independent. Their age above 18 years and minimum period necessary for sponsorship are two years.

The General requirement for Australian Fiancée Visa  or Spouse Visa to Australia

The sponsor of the applicant should be Australian Permanent Resident, eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian Citizen

  • Both Applicant, as well as the sponsor, should be aged over 18 years
  • The applicant should be either married or should be in relationship with sponsoring partner for minimum of 12 months
  • A Satisfactory proof that the relationship or the marriage is genuine that you live together that the relationship is strong, and there is mutual commitment. They need to attend an interview, and also they required to provide documentation that does include photos as well as bank statements.

Migration to Australia

While you are not in Australia, you have applied for a permanent partner visa, and then you are allowed to be in Australia or outside Australia when you receive a Permanent visa.

 In case if you have applied for permanent partner visa while in Australia, then you are required to be in Australia when you receive your permanent visa.

We find most cases, the permanent residence cannot be offered for two years, from the date of application. However, individuals can receive a current visa without requiring to wait for two years, if they meet specific criteria, at that time.

The waiting period of two years for permanent residence can be revoked

  • If the individual has been together (in a relationship) with their partner for five years or more (married or as a de facto partner).
  • The person and their partner have been in a de facto relationship or married for two years and have children.
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