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Australia-Permanent-Resident-VisaWith the vibrant economy and umpteen number of career and employment opportunities, Australia has topped the chart as one of the sought after immigration destination for those willing to reside in the beautiful nation of beaches on a permanent basis. Besides proffering excellent job prospects, this world-class immigration destination is also widely known for its resplendent natural attractions, peaceful ambiance, and excellent tourist places of interest, ancient monuments, picturesque beaches, metropolitan cities, and suitable climatic conditions.

Interested in Australia Immigration? Have any plans to work and settle in Australia? Do you wish to gain fine cognizance on the visa options that lead to Australia permanent residency? Do not worry, read on to find the available visa options to settle in your dream land at a faster pace.

What is Australian Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency Australia is a privilege granted by DIBP (Department of Immigration And Border Protection) to overseas nationals to live and work in their province without any constraints. In general, this is granted for the duration of five years to reside, work and travel in and around the nation as long as the visa is valid. One of the significant benefits of Australia PR is that he or she is permitted to reside in the province for an indefinite duration after satisfying the conditions put forth by the nation’s government.

Major Visa Options that Lead to PR in Australia:

However, overseas individuals availing any of the above-listed visa options need to meet the minimum requirements of the nation

Basic Requirements to Apply for Australian Permanent Residency

Following are the prerequisites that a foreign national must come together to fulfill desire of settling in down under 

• Must satisfy the health and character requirements
• Hold the relevant work experience
• Qualify in select skill system
• Proficient in The English language

In terms of getting Permanent Residency, Australia ranks top above many destinations. The immigration officials of Australia has drawn several Visa classifications to offer PR’s to applicants in the form of Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa, and so forth.

For applying to any of these Australian PR Visas, you have to strictly understand the point based regime as stated by Australian immigration policy guidelines. This framework determines the eligibility criteria for Australian PR Visa based on various factors like age, employment experience, educational requirements etc

Australian PR Visa has a point-based framework. The procedure to get this Visa is a blend of the web-based and manual process.

The key is in setting up the documents and organizing well before applying for Australian PR. The basic records you need to have are IELTS Result and Skill Assessment report. The most widely recognized PR visa classifications are Subclass 189 (Non-supported visa), Subclass 190 (State Nominated Visa), Subclass 186 (boss designated visa), and so on.

Documentation plays a major role in getting your PR. For instance, you need to have basic documents which you should be accumulating from childhood in the form of education or work experience copies etc. Since, meeting the 60 points criteria is a cut-off, your file needs to properly recorded with appropriate content. Expression of Interest (EOI) is a major step which needs to be properly documented for which you might require a suitable consultant who understands your profile, aspirations and exact requirements of Australian immigration authorities.

How is the rate of success to obtain Australian PR if self initiated?

As Australia strictly follows point based system of immigration, chances of succeeding totally depends on the points you score based on the profile of the candidates.

What is the success rate for obtaining an AUSTRALIA PR if I initiate the process?

Since, Australia follows a point-based system of immigration, your chances of succeeding will depend on the point you score based on your profile factors, i.e. work experience, qualification, language skills, etc.

Australian PR entitles an individual to reside, work and study in the nation on a permanent basis. Besides this, he or she can also gain access to nation’s Australia government-subsidized schemes such as health care, educational and other social security benefits.

There is lot of information in the net and in many sites about the procedures and taxonomy of filing the appropriate steps. Since, it is a tedious process,  it is advisable to take help from a well known overseas consultancy or an advisor in this regards who is well equipped with the emerging regulatory changes happening in the immigration policies.

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