Migrate to Australia to live off very economically!

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Australia – the most student friendly place with affordable cost of living!

Affordable cost of living in AustraliaOne more reason adds to the basket of reasons to choose Australia as one’s next destination for higher education. Australia has been proving its worth and mettle in dealing with international students so seamlessly and now, once again, Australia stood as one of the most affordable foreign education providers beyond Asia.

Majority of Asian countries are still stuck in the phase of development and, their currencies and foreign exchange still lag a long way behind a dollar or a ruble or a yen or a pound sterling. When such is the situation in existence, it’s no wonder every student is highly concerned about cost of living in the country he/she is intending to go for further academics!

An elucidated picture of cost of living in Australia by segregating the ideal expenditure on different things and in the end, sums up the whole to give you a clear cut idea of what it takes to study in Australia.

There are many ways in which a foreign student can wish to stay and study in Australia. Students can choose to stay in hostels/guesthouses or can share a rental property with other students as well. There are other accommodation channels like staying on campus of their universities, staying back at home, hiring a house on rent or opting for a boarding school!

To give an elaborate picture, the individual tentative expenditure on different channels of accommodation is given below and the figures are ‘in weeks’.

  • Hostels – $80 to $140
  • On campus – $80 to $250
  • Shared Rental – $70 to $250
  • Rented property – $100 to $400

On top of housing and accommodation, there are other essential expenses that just cannot be ignored. They are transportation, daily needs like groceries and edibles, communication channels like mobile phone, internet connection, and some bare minimum entertainment.

The costs tentatively allocated to the above mentioned, other expenses are below and these figures are validated ‘per week’.

  • Transportation – $10 to $50
  • Groceries & edibles – $80 to $200
  • Phone and Internet – $20 to $50
  • Minimum recreation – $50 to $100

The above figures will speak for themselves and that’s how affordable and sustainable student life in Australia now is. When the American dollar value is booming like never before, UK pound is no way near to affordability, Australia transformed itself into the country of flickering hope for middle class sub continental aspiring students.

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