Australia Announced New Reforms to its Immigration System

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Australia, the land of kangaroos, emerged as the most popular destination for individuals who wish to immigrate overseas. Stable economy, better lifestyle opportunities, work options, etc. has made Australia, the most coveted destination for immigrants.

As most aspirants wish to immigrate to Australia, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) follows points based system and skills assessment test to screen the candidate’s eligibility criteria. Points based system is the most transparent method which is used to select skilled immigrants who have skills and talent to contribute to the growth of the economy. In points based test, every individual who wish to immigrate to Australia will be assessed against several aspects such as educational qualifications, work experience, language age and nature of adaptability, etc. In certain cases, the aspirants must nominate an occupation to be qualified for point test skilled migration visa. Moreover, the individuals need to meet character & health requirements and must demonstrate that they are capable of supporting themselves during their stay in the country.

As the whole process is quite difficult for aspirants, with the intention to ease immigration process, the Government of Australia has made certain reforms in general skilled migration visa according to which the applicants need to submit Expression of Interest before processing visa application.

Now, the Government of Australia has proposed new reforms to the immigration process 2014 which include reduction of student visa assessment level framework from 5 to 3. In addition, the immigration department also processes to minimize the period of financial requirement for AL3 student visa application from 18 to 12 months. AL (assessment level) deals with the risk among student visa program by aligning essential requirements for applications of student visas to the immigration risk posed by the aspirant filing an application for student visa subclass. Depending on the country and course of study of the applicant, a legislative instrument determines which AL is applicable for the student visa applicants.

Australia Immigration New Changes 2014 has simplified immigration process for individuals who wish to immigrate to Australia. The Government of Australia is continuously reforming the immigration system to make it easy for individuals who wish to immigrate to the country.

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