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Are you wondering how the PR process for Australia from India works? It is quite interesting to note that you can migrate to Australia from India, without much hassles or tussles. Just like many other foreign destinations, you should satisfy few necessary visa requirements before the application gets approved. According to ambitious travelers, Australia is a great destination with a booming economy and promising facilities. Due to its flawless professional ambiance and high migrant attitude, it attracts the highest number of immigrants from nations like India. And, everyone questions “How does the PR process for Australia from India work?” If you have this question in your mind, here are few details you should know.

What is Australia PR?

By definition, Permanent Residence alias PR represents the ability to stay in a country forever. It is quite similar to the “US Green Card”. If you wish to remain in Australia indefinitely, without engaging in visa formalities every-now-and-then you should get a PR. However, the Australia PR doesn’t make you a citizen of the country.

The Process

The PR process for Australia from India starts with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection alias DIBP. The department is responsible for creating many programs, processes, and requirements! These standards define the entire PR process. Dibp looks for applications with good skills and perfect character. These are two essential components of the PR application process. People who flaunt amazing education qualifications and great character have a better chance of clearing the application process.

Before you engage in a PR process for Australia from India, you should understand the entire program. Remember that there are several different types of application programs. These programs are carefully framed and fine-tuned by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. As potential applicants, you should understand the terms and conditions of each program carefully.

Basic Points to be remembered

The eligibility criterion for the Australia PR process involves the following factors:

1)    You should have lived and worked in Australia for at least two years.

2)    You should have lived and self-employed in a specific region for at least a year.

3)    You should be sponsored by the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

As mentioned previously, there are several different types of Australia PR programs. All applications will be categorized under the parent visa, skilled independent visa, relative visa, aged parent visa, employer nomination scheme or the skilled sponsored visa.

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