Brazil needs skilled professionals to spur economic growth

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The government of Brazil is finding ways to ease its immigration regulations. The sixth largest economy in the world is losing its stand in the international arena due to lack of skilled workers. Companies in diverse sector including those in construction sites, oil rigs, technology firms, and energy are facing a hard time finding the specific talents to run the operations.

OpulentusFor e.g.: Internet search giant Google has 39 positions vacant in their Google Brazil office. Ricardo Paes de Barros has told that “This country has become very isolated from the rest of the world in terms of its labor markets and that is affecting our competitiveness. We want to turn that around so Brazil will be better connected with the rest of the world in terms of transfer of knowledge. We need to reach a level of 2 to 3 percent of our workforce made up of foreigners. That means multiplying the current levels by 10, if we do that we should be fine.”

Brazil has just 0.3 % of overseas workers in its total workforce. 70,524 work permits to foreign professionals were granted in 2011 as against 25,400 permits in 2006. The requirement for skilled workers has grown up. The country needs a minimum 20,000 engineers immediately to execute its plan for a modern Brazil with abundant infrastructure and to renew and operate the huge oil deposits offshore.

Talent deficit is affecting Brazil a lot, especially when it’s preparing for 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The present immigration rules make it a hefty task for companies to recruit foreign workers. Abroad skilled workers are now facing a lot of documentation work at ministries and police stations before getting a work permit. A temporary card is taking 6 months to be issued in the current situation.

All these rules will be relaxed, and foreigners will be welcomed to work in Brazil. The change in rules of immigration will change economy of Brazil. This is the right time for skilled professionals to move to Brazil and enjoy the lifestyle and environment of a rich and developed country.

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