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Why English necessary for students planning overseas education?

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE, GMATThe world class infrastructure, quality education and high standard of living are three major reasons behind Indian students attracting to the developed countries. In the pursuit of overseas education, Indian students make preparation for moving abroad once their course studies are about to complete in India. Many starts taking coaching for the English exams acceptable in foreign countries to continue their higher education overseas.

Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and Germany are the most preferred destinations of the Indian students. These countries accept English language tests to know the student's ability to communicate in English, understand and complete the education in time. Education is the biggest export for the economies of the developed countries. For instance, over one lakh Indian students study in the USA.

All the courses offered in the developed countries have English as a medium of education. Germany the European country alone follows the medium of German; some Universities offer courses both in English and German. So students planning overseas education must have good scores of the English Language tests.

The few general English Language tests are widely accepted, and it is imperative for the students to have valid scores to get admissions in the foreign universities.

Popular English Language tests


IELTS exam tests your English levels, there is no such thing called the pass or fail. Students have to go through the 2 hours and 45 minutes test that tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking levels in The English language. These exams conducted in the centers in all over the India. Students must take tests at approved centers and should have valid scores.


TOEFL test checks how your reading, listening, speaking and reading skills help in completing your academic tasks. The top Universities of the world demand high TOEFL score from students.


Pearson group conducts the English language tests to assess students listening, speaking, reading and writing tests. The whole test is done in three hours.


Scholastic Aptitude Tests are necessary to the students planning to pursue bachelor's program in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Mostly the US and Singapore Universities ask for the SAT scores. The top Universities in Australia, Canada, and UK offering STEM programs are making it as mandatory to have SAT score.


Students willing to continue post-graduation and Ph.D. in STEM programs need to have GRE scores. The USA, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and UK Universities ask for the GRE scores.


Students willing to pursue management education in the US and Canada must have GMAT score. Some top Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and UK Universities also expect students to have GMAT scores.

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