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Employment opportunities in Australia

It is surprising to find out that Indians are the highest number of foreign immigrants that flew to Australia during the period of 2012–2013. Second stand Chinese and third stand the British. The fact that Indian immigrants alone fill up to 21% of the whole Australian immigration list in itself speaks of the volumes of demand Australia has got among Indians.

Employment opportunities in AustraliaMajority of the immigrants from India usually fall under the category of Australia work visa and this speaks very remarkably of the Australia’s ever rising and always promising job circuit.. Skilled professionals have a lot of scope in Australia to find a place for them in the country to work, settle down and live in Australia. Australian employment managed to bag high regards; thanks to the country’s immigration department in welcoming foreign immigrants in the name of work visas. There is a consistent demand for skilled people in Australia and this can be strengthened by the below stats provided for top jobs of Australia for the year 2012-13. Coming to the profession that attracted more number of immigrants in Australia for the year 2012-13 is Accountancy. Accounting jobs have been enjoying the highest stake in the skilled migrant sector till last year. However, cooking profession has overtaken the accountant jobs in this year and emerged as the most populated stream of profession for international immigrants to Australia for the year 2012-13. Right from the year 2008 to 2012, Accountant jobs have remained the hotcakes but cooking professionals flew down in large numbers making it the profession that emerged as the mostly populated stream of employment in Australia. Third stands the famous Software Engineering jobs. They have always been behind Accountant and Cooking jobs and continued in the year 2012-13 also. A total of 2,167 people have flown to Australia in this year in the name of software jobs and that is almost 1/4th of cooking professionals in count 8,469 who went to Australia to be cooks. It is very refreshing to find out that jobs like cooking are overtaking the professional jobs like accounting and software engineering. This gives a hope at the end of a tunnel that skilled professionals have a place to survive on the planet and the place continues to be Australia. The fact that as many as 44, 251 immigrants have migrated to Australia in the year 2012-13 under the category of Skilled Independent visa in itself is a consolidated proof that Australia never failed in welcoming skilled personnel into its territories.

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