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Australia, sweetly labeled as Down Under keeps attracting global migrants, all thanks to its stunning landscapes, promising career prospects and uncompromising life-style. When everything about Australia looks so brighter, its imminent people find ways to migrate to Australia. Here are the possible ways of being a part of Australia and it’s growth.

Australia ImmigrationEmployer Sponsorship

It’s always relieving to find an employer who is situated in Australia is keen to offer you a job so that it becomes the smoothest route to migrate to Australia. Keeping up with the initially offered job for a couple of years with clean social history enables a person to apply for permanent residency which is a synonym for paradise on earth.

Skilled Migration Program

Even Skilled Workers without a job offer have a way to migrate to Australia. Provided they fall under the prescribed age group and possess few sets of skills like fluency and proficiency in English, they can apply for General Skilled Migration Program. Australian immigration has few regulatory bodies in place to decide the eligibility of applicants to be qualified for this visa and eligibility clearance can lead to migration to Australia.

Business Skilled visa

If you are fortunate to have business spread till Australia; that can fetch you the flexibility to migrate to Australia as well. The age group for this visa is between 18 to 50 years and the business criteria must be with the compliances of Australian immigration like minimum number of Australian citizens as your employees, etc. This type of visa can easily lead to permanent residency.

Visas for medicinally skilled

Medicine is one profession where Australia always failed to meet with the demand. Doctors and nurses are very scarce in Australia and the demand for them is unimaginably high. When there’s a huge disparity between supply and demand, which opens a grand gateway for medicine professionals to come with certain prescribed qualifications to Australia, work and settle down permanently in the country. This visa also leads to an easy permanent residency phase.

Old age retirement visa

When all the possible hurdles of life are successfully steered, Australia offers peaceful and serene retirement flexibility to the old-timers. But this visa doesn’t come with dependants as this is an individual visa for people. Being above 55 years in age and absolutely no dependants, with self sustainable funds, Australia offers the retirement visa. Though permanent residency is not assured, people can keep extending this visa upon its expiry every four years.

The above are the five ways to emigrate to Australia to gift oneself with a promising and rewarding life.


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