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Different Ways of Getting Australia PR
Posted on: 26 Feb 2016  |   Tags: Australia PR , how to get Australia PR from India , IELTS ,

Australia ImmigrationAre you wondering how to get PR for Australia from India? Are you inspired by the idea of migrating to Australia? Do you want a comprehensive insight on how to get Australia PR from India? Getting an Australia PR is more-or-less a straightforward process. It is one of the closest equivalents to the US Green Card. By definition, permanent residents are people who have the rights to live in Australia indefinitely. They can enjoy the right to live, work and study without having the nation’s official citizenship. However, you should go through a strategic process, if you wish to qualify for the Australia PR.

The Conventional Sub Categories

If you want to get into the country as an overseas employee, there is just one way. You should clear the procedures at General Skilled Migration (GSM). This is an enticing scheme customized by the Australian Immigration. General Skilled Migration is keen in attracting employees between 18 and 45 years. However, they don’t engage in sponsoring candidates. There are several ways of acquiring PR from Australia. Here are a quick walkthrough few well-known ways of getting Australia PR:

  • Under subcategory 885 you can opt for a skilled independent residence visa. This is meant for overseas students who wish to study and employee in Australia permanently. 
  • Under subcategory 886 you can go for a skilled sponsored residence visa. This is for graduates with the temporary visa. However, these applicants should have a sponsor back home!
  • Under subcategory 175 you can choose skilled independent Migrant visa. This is for aspirants who don’t fall within predestined levels of expertise. Nonetheless, these candidates should get some points in tests like IELTS!
  • Under subcategory 176 you can opt for the skilled sponsored migrant visa. This category is meant for people without poor scores and the desire to get an Australia PR.
Going the Other Way!

There are several other routes to get PR for Australia from India. This includes the Employer Nomination Scheme that is found in companies with a branch in Australia. However, the nominations are meant for employees who are prepared to take up a permanent job opening. Some applicants apply for Australia PR with business development in mind. These are high-level individuals who have valid permits to visit and stay in the country. Unfortunately, very few people are allowed to use this facility.

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