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CASE STUDY OF Ms. JAIN - Australia PR VisaThe case study of our client Ms. Jain illustrates how working on alternatives if required when client ends up in unplanned situation, guiding them step by step and giving additional support and attention can lead to SUCCESS.

Ms. Jain had registered with us in 2013 with ANZSCO- ICT Systems Test Engineer. As an initial step application was made to Australia Computer Society for skills assessment. Application was successfully accepted and approved. The next step is to lodge Expression of Interest with IELTS required scores simultaneously State sponsorship is needed with this profile. She needed Proficient Level English. Client failed to meet required IELTS scores the first time test, however succeeded to meet the requirement in the second attempt.

Her Nominated Occupation requires State Nomination and this depends on the available quota in any one of the State / Territory. ICT Systems Test Engineer quota was not available in any of the states or territories at that point of time.  Client was unhappy about the same, waited for some time and she finally decided to withdraw the process for above reasons. Spoke to her case manager to initiate Refund. The call was escalated to next level Manager and as part of responsibility started to find alternatives. For a way out we have discussed on the other possible occupations that were open , also further checked if can opt for any occupations without nominations. We checked for clients opinion on nominating Software Engineer roles and responsibilities and based on acceptance application was made to ACS for Software Engineer.

Here one has to understand that at any given time, one profile will meet more than one ANZSCO, especially Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Occupations.  In this particular case based on the resume the initial occupation chosen is ICT Systems Test Engineer. Now the same profile will meet Software Tester / Software Engineer too. Considering highly relevant tasks profile has been matched with ICT System Test Engineer.

As a customer, she lost patience and confidence to take next steps which is ideally a restart of the procedure from step one and started blaming the company.  Team with lots of efforts and patience, after many discussions and explaining of points, she was convinced to go for Reassessment as Software Engineer. Application was applied for ACS and surprisingly got results in a week, which added little motivation for both the parties

Things worked positively than expected, EOI was lodged under Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189) and client received invitation in 2 rounds (30 days) and further PR Visa in the next 3 to 4 months.

To conclude one should note that Company does the Review and Nominates occupation which is highly relevant to the roles performed. But when it comes to the State Nomination this is absolutely out of control and one can neither guarantee the listing nor the quota.  The only option left is to wait for the year quota to open.

Few clients choose to wait and few will start working on alternatives which will always be investment of more time and more money.

Clients do miss a logic that company efforts and resources are already spent but when situation demanded it went ahead and took a bold decision to restart just for client’s happiness. If thought legally based on accepted terms, application could have been halted asking client to wait for the quota to open.

IRR (Evaluation report) is a Road Map for the PR Visa, added to it Client Co-operation and Company Expertise will surely take us to destination and creates a WIN _ WIN situation.

Withdrawing process in middle of the way is absolutely not a wise decision as we have already invested time and money in it.

PR Visa is like executing a Project with Visa as an Objective. In very few situations like, unable to meet the IELTS Scores, Nomination not available, documentation not submitted will definitely bring the process to a halt and these are challenges/hurdles in project execution. All that company expects is client co operation and trust in us to make the situation easier to deal with.

With proper understanding, we have always reached the destination and projects are successfully accomplished.

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