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When people think about immigrating to a new nation, they consider a few possibilities regarding their destination. Canada is a worthy destination for immigrants, but we can compare other options before taking a decision. A determining factor is the immigration system. Here is a comparison Canada to Australia, which also is a popular destination for immigrants. This will help the reader to determine the better immigration option.  

An Overview Of Skilled Worker Programs

  In This article, there is a comparative analysis of Federal Skilled Worker program in Canada and Skilled Independent program subclass 189 in Australia. The target of both programs is new immigrants who have skilled work experience. Both programs do not require applicants to have a connection to their country in educational experience, work experience, or a job offer. These immigration programs are an ideal excellent choice for top qualified skilled workers from across the world. This is irrespective whether they have any relation to the country to desire to immigrate or not. Furthermore, both these programs result in getting permanent resident status. It permits the holders to enter and exit at any time and offers a path to become citizens. In these programs, there is a system based on points. It helps in determining the eligibility and to selects aspirants.  

Basic Requirements

  The Federal Skilled Worker program has a norm that all candidates must have at least one year of full-time and skilled work experience. The skilled work experience is defined as a job at National Occupational Classification Skill Level 0, A, or B. Skilled Independent program of Australia requires all candidates to give a proof of qualification to work in an eligible occupation. Moreover, there is a Skilled Independent Occupations List in Australia which shows all eligible occupations. Eligible candidates must consult a proper Assessing Authority to receive the eligibility proof to practice the profession in the country.  

Eligible Occupations - Australian Skilled Independent Visa

  Comparison Of Points System In Both the programs, there is a grid to assess points. This will determine the eligibility of all candidates. There are points for age, work experience, language proficiency, education, and some other factors. Canada requires that the candidates must score 67 points out of 100 to become eligible. The score needed in Australia is 60 points out of 135.   [table id=34 /] After meeting the norms of minimum points candidates can submit the interest in the program. Furthermore, the candidates must note that merely meeting the point requirement is not a guarantee to immigrate successfully. It is just a first step in the procedure of application.  

Application Procedures

  Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program is a part of the Express Entry system. It manages applications related to immigration electronically. By using the Express Entry, aspirants who meet the 67 points, need to create a profile, exclusively for Express Entry, through the online web portal. This profile serves as an Expression of Interest showing the interest of a candidate in immigration. Furthermore, after this, they get a score, called the Comprehensive Ranking System score. The profile remains valid in Express Entry for twelve months, and the candidate has to resubmit it if it is not selected within twelve months. There is an Express Entry draw, every two weeks. It invites such candidates from the pool who have a high CRS score and they must submit official applications to seek permanent residence. In case of success, the candidates get permanent resident status for their own self and also for all family members who have a name in the application.  

Other Features

  The application procedure for the Skilled Independent Visa program is somewhat similar to Express Entry system of Canada. The candidates meeting the minimum 60 points have to submit an Expression of Interest by using the online system named Skill Select. Australia has no secondary points system and uses the eligibility grid to give a rank to the aspirants. Invitations in Australia are issued twice during a month. Such Candidates, who get a high-rank Expression of Interest receive the invitation to apply.  Moreover, if multiple candidates have the same ranking score, the candidate who submits the profile early will get the priority. Skill Select EOIs are valid for up to 2 years and if an EOI is not invited within 2 years, it will expire.  

Occupation Ceilings

  Every year Australian Independent Skills program has certain occupation ceilings. All eligible occupations get a maximum quota and if that is fulfilled, the professionals in that occupation are not invited in the present year. When an applicant receives the invitation, he/she gets 60 days to submit the application officially to seek permanent residence in Australia. In case of success, the candidates get permanent resident status for their own self and also for all family members who have a name in the application.  

Time And Cost Required For Processing

  Canada has an advantage in processing time and cost of immigration. Additionally, its Federal Skilled Worker program charges a fee of $1040 CAD, for all adult applicants, and $150 for all children. Independent Skills program in Australia comes at the cost of $3560 CAD for the principal applicant and $1790 CAD for a spouse or partner. For the children, the fee is $900 CAD. Express Entry system in Canada not only has a quick process but also the processing of 80% of applications is over within 6 months of receiving. In Australia, Processing of 75% of applications is over within 8 months of receiving.  

Other Options

  When candidates complete their study in Canada or have a job offer in Australia, they are likely to receive more options. Canada supervises the Canadian Experience Class, a program in Express Entry and gives a priority to overseas nationals who have 12 months of work experience in the country. Furthermore, there are many Provincial Nominee Programs which select candidates who have a regional connection. Moreover, Australia has many immigration programs which the skilled workers can use after having connections with the country. Again there are visas for the aspirants who have the nomination of employers. Additionally, aspirants to certain regions and the people having with special skills are also successful.

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