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Australian visa fee to be changed in 2012!
Posted on: 30 Nov 2011  |   Tags: Migrate to Australia , Work in Australia ,

Chris Bowen, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced that new visa fees will be introduced from 1st January 2012. As per the changes the cost of student visas will decrease but the cost for other visas will increase.  The Minister said that the new visa fee system will be put in place to make sure that taxpayers are no longer subsidizing visa applications. According to Chris Bowen, changes to the visa structure will bring the Australia visa system in competition with other countries.  There will be a decrease of 5% in the student visa application fee and this will increase the competition of Australian education sector whereas the fee for the range of skills and Business Visas will increase by 5% to 15%. As if now there is no charge on the visa application charge for the student dependents but now Australian government will also increase a fee for dependants of visa applicants. Chris Bowen Said, “If people are bringing family members with them to Australia, the fee will reflect the additional processing and checks for these family members." He also stated the changes are projected to engender about $613 million over the next four years in profits. The following applicants will have no effect due to fee changes:

  • Australian sponsoring businesses
  • Citizenship applicants
  • Refugee and humanitarian visa applicants
  • Postgraduate research students
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