Migrate to Australia – As Doctors and Nurses in Australia

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Doctors and Nurses Immigration to AustraliaDoctors and Nurses in Australia -There exist, shortage of nurses, doctors and indeed dentists here in Australia. Hence, it is easy for those from medical professions to qualify for permanent residency or an employer sponsored workers visa? In case, you are interested in immigrating to Australia, as Doctors and Nurses as there exist demand then contact best immigration consultants, who could assist you in processing your visa.

The popular belief is that it is very easy indeed, but you must bear in mind that certain criteria need to be met for both doctor Immigration to Australia or Australian Nursing recruitment

•    Your age
•    Your ability to speak the English language
•    Your present qualification and the nation in which you obtained them
•    Your qualification would require being assessed by the relevant authority here in Australia
•    Upon the successful assessment, the individuals would require obtaining registration with one of the states or territory nursing registration boards

Doctors can apply, either for a temporary or permanent visa. For immigration purpose, doctors require Permanent Residency in Australia and must hold full medical registration.

For immigration purposes, doctors who wish to seek permanent residency in Australia should hold full medical registration. The department would accept one of the following certificates issued by the State or Territory Medical Board as evidence of full registration

Temporary Visa Options for Doctors and Nurses in Australia

Doctors who do not yet hold full medical registration in Australia, they can be employed and sponsored by a temporary resident while they are in the process of meeting the requirements to obtain full medical registration.

Permanent Visa Options for Doctors

There are different permanent visas available for doctors who have full medical registration in Australia.

Working in Australia as a Nurse

Nurses require being in good health and require to have a certain level of education and experience.  To work in a hospital or other health care area, the nurses require passing the health examination that includes the chest x-ray.

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