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All migration processes are highly complicated and layered with hazards, failure or the possibility of visa rejection.

There are a few mistakes like forgetting to mention some facts or applying for an incorrect visa. When a person makes the decision to migrate to Australia and firms up to meet the challenges there are few dos and donts to consider. It is very important to have a clarity regarding MARA. It leads to a better understanding of visas.

What does MARA Mean?

It means Migration Agents Registration Authority, which is an office under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It regulates the working of Migration bodies and agents who offer services which are related to Immigration to Australia in other countries of the world.

The Major Functions of MARA are:

  • To plainly define the rights of persons who need an Australian Visa.
  • To help the registered migration agents to understand the obligations of the region.
  • To ensure that only appropriate persons are registered as agents and inappropriate persons are not allowed for registration/re-registration.
  • To ensure that these agents have a proper knowledge and possess the skills needed to offer precise and well-timed advice to the clients.
  • To monitor the agents regularly to maintain full integrity of quality and conduct.
  • To verify that clients belonging to presently registered or of the past registered agents have a means to complain and tackle the issues in a proper manner.

There is a wide-ranging framework to address all apprehensions about real issues and potential conflicts and ensure that MARA is able to carry out its functions and policies fully.

What is its Importance?

It is necessary to understand all rules and regulations regarding MARA properly because it is the only authority which makes sure that the registered Migration agents are discharging their responsibilities properly.

All migration agents must sign up at the office of the registrar MARA to ensure their functioning. The agents have to work out regarding following a Code of Conduct.

What is the Code of Conduct?

The code of conduct sets out the legislation for approved migration agents. Moreover it explains all obligations towards the clients. This ensures that the clients get fair practice. This code of conduct is a part of the Section 314 of Migration Act 1958.

List of Important Obligations under the Official Code of Conduct

Under the approved code of conduct, all the migration agents also have to perform the duties which cover:

  • All interactions and communication concerning the clients,
  • Charges and fees regarding record keeping and proper practice of financial management
  • Proper maintenance of responsibilities towards other migration agents
  • Proper maintenance of a set of responsibilities towards their employees
  • Fulfilling requirements and responding in time when a complaint comes against the MARA
  • Finally, precisely displaying the Code in their office and waiting area of clients. They must also offer clients a specific copy to ensure that they know the risks involved.

Furthermore, this shows that MARA is a vital regulatory body for smooth implementation of immigration to the country. The migration agent will abide by all rules and obligations spelt out in MARA. Moreover the candidate must check for all the instructions closely so that there is no chance of visa rejection.

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