Major Pathways to Migrate to Australia as Doctors and Nurses

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Doctors-and-Nurses-Immigration-to-AustraliaIf you have passed the required qualifications and given a chance to choose your career path, then a career in travel nursing may be the better one that works for you. In fact, this well-known path adds a new exciting chapter in your life by giving you an opportunity to migrate to abroad.

Out of many developed nations, Australia that has topped the chart as one of the best immigration destination for its overseas individuals. Every year thousands of individuals from across the globe are making beelines to file the application for working in Australia.

Why Migrate to Australia?

Oz is one of the great places to work and live, as the nation offers excellent career and employment opportunities along with the quality lifestyle. During the last few years, the nation has seen a large scarcity of skilled nurses and doctors, thus planned to welcome to more qualified nurses with an aim to boost their economy.

Australia Doctors and Nurses Immigration

Down under is in great need of trained nurses and doctors to meet the increasing needs of their individuals. In fact, this is an amazing opportunity for those looking forward to immigrating to Australia. This special Doctors and Nurses Visa is not only applicable for trained professionals but is also valid for general practitioners to file their application for Australian work permit.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Doctor?

Overseas doctors willing to Settle and Work in Australia must apply either for a temporary or permanent visa class of the nation. However, trained doctors looking forward to Australia permanent residency must and should hold the relevant medical registration proofs.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Nurse?

Foreign nationals mulling on to Immigrate to Australia as a Nurse, must be good in health and hold relevant work experience and educational certificates. Moreover, nurses are suggested to qualify in the health examinations such as chest x-ray and others.

Visa Options for Nurses

Below listed are few of the major visa options to work in Australia as a nurse:

  •  Employer Nomination Scheme
  •  Working Holidays
  •  Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457)
  •  Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  •  General Skilled Migration
  •  Occupational Trainee visa

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