Best methods to get quick Job Offers after Moving to Australia

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One can meet many influential persons after connecting with them on moving to Melbourne.

After settling in, it is ideal to adopt a structured approach to build a strong network of influential persons.

This article highlights the methods to build an effective network for others to emulate.

Influential people

Categories of Influential people

Influential people, in fact, belong to various categories:

  • Decision makers, Team leaders, and senior managers in companies, as well as in organizations and government,
  • They are also the People who have a standing in the digital domain owing to their writing, insta-grams, and presence on YouTube,
  • Founders, Chief Executives of organizations,
  • Independent Consultants, writers, Actors, and directors who work in theater,
  • Dancers and Singers who have a strong presence on YouTube channels,
  • Entrepreneurs associated with start-up teams,
  • Media influencers, managers of online magazines and TV channels,
  • Bloggers with good traffic,
  • Holders of social media Profiles with high-followers,

The ideal way is to create a deep connection, and exchange LinkedIn, Email, Facebook, and Whats app and stay connected with them in times of need. The need is to have a network of powerful people because we live in a world marked by networking,

The times of submitting CVs, presenting auditions and publishing content are over. Even today some people send refined CV, Browse through Craig List, Facebook groups, or Gum-tree, in need of jobs. We published videos on YouTube or write a few articles on the blog to know that not a soul is ready to accept them. Presently the world has a set of varied rules.

Modern needs

In order to succeed in the interview for a good job, having the recommendation of a person in that company is necessary. Even in the part-time assignments and freelance projects or we need someone to give a reference for us.

  • Today, having an effective network eases many pressures.
  • Developing a limited influential network begins the journey of gaining the introduction of more influential persons.
  • Most people do not invest time to build a network as it requires much time.
  • Having a network is good and continues for life because there will always be people who have more influence than us.

The first Stage is to develop a Mindset and practice the fine art of not asking for favors.

It requires Building a Personal Brand and the Approach must be a strong Aim. There is a place for talent and you also are entitled to get a chance, but an influential person is too preoccupied with many affairs. There is no time in his life to think of helping any person.

He will not feel like recommending you, without knowing, as he cannot believe you.

Yet there is a scenario where for some reason, the person himself wishes to either recommend you or has the desire to add richness to your life.

Building your Personal Brand

Develop a decent profile page, showing your current assignments, projects and interests. You can use your LinkedIn profile page.

Create a Rich Personal Brand

Influential people like to meet people who have a personal brand and are different from common people. Such people need to be smart and include a link to their LinkedIn profile or webpage, to show the personal brand and an online presence. Add more persons to the network and show more experiences, and constantly add to your personal brand.

Ensure a proper Approach:

  • Do not do anything that the masses do.
  • Follow a job post. Read the shared articles on LinkedIn daily by different people. Know the name of the writer of the article or post and find who that person is.
  • In the Facebook news feed shows everyday posts regarding many subjects, from current affairs to tech magazine articles, and anything you are interested in.
  • Moreover, after reading an article or post, know the writer’s name of the article or post, and find out relevant details of that person.
  • Subscribed to a local digital newspaper and read a few favorite sections.
  • Conduct a Google search and also find details about the article writer you liked.
  • Follow a few Facebook groups in the city, which feature profiles of achievers of the city regularly. Focus on entrepreneurial ventures, research breakthroughs, or medals and Search these people on Facebook.
  • Also, watch YouTube videos every day, and Click on the name of uploaders. It leads to a profile and you can send a message to him.
  • Attend dance classes in the city. Greet the trainers and dancers and find about their activities. A few of them are likely to be influential people in their domains.
  • Additionally, attend yoga classes and training sessions in the city.
  • Volunteer for an event and know who runs the organization.
  • Attend a birthday party; great people to know regarding potential influential persons.
  • Give presentations at a university also,

Starting a conversation

Let us now know the exact way to start a conversation: Digital World Contact Script involves saying Hello I came across your article, post/video in a newspaper, LinkedIn profile, Facebook group, YouTube and was inspired to know it.

Furthermore, add that-Your story, ideas, views, and opinions on this subject resonate with me. I presently work on a project with a dynamic company and wonder if we can meet for a coffee during this week. Listening to stories of people who do uncommon things and create a huge impact is my habit. I am giving a link to view my profile.


  • Such write up creates a strong reference point as there is a reference to the work of the person, emotionally elevates him, and makes him receptive to any messages.
  • Furthermore, the explanation differentiates the sender from people who send generic messages and complement.
  • Moreover, Influential persons are attracted to people who show authority or do something important.
  • The reason for the meeting is hearing his stories, which is very simple and you show that you are genuinely curious to listen to his stories. All influential persons want more people to hear their story.
  • Providing a URL will enhance the personal brand and reflect a strong presence.

Praise the person and his energy in the meeting and say that it is not easy to do the activities which he does. Also, wait for his response. Make a Comment regarding the response and then tell about your working on a project. Add that you are keen to listen to stories of people who do uncommon things and create a huge impact. Mention about catching up for a cup of coffee, during this week. Exchange the details of Facebook, Email, Number, or LinkedIn profile.

The influential person will empathize with common men making them feel human and understood. Their self-esteem gets a boost owing to the uncommon and understanding compliment regarding the tough job.

The element of spontaneity keeps their psychological wall of defense very low. Mentioning regarding scheduling the meeting later in the week gets a yes in reply.

Get connected

Finally, you get connected and share a Coffee. It is time to enjoy the coffee with a fresh and influential contact. Ask questions expressing genuine curiosity about his life or, work, or interest. A normal conversation happens and the person also will also ask you about your life, activities interests, and plans. Tell them more about you. They will offer valuable assistance and a good advice. Furthermore, they will also volunteer to connect with you and refer you to their circle of friends. Finally, by doing this favor to you, they feel good and help you.

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