Australia PR Helps You to Live and Work in Australia

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Australia is also referred as kangaroo nation and it is considered to be the one of the  wealthiest nation in the world. It has the 12th largest economy. In the year 2014, Australia had the world’s fifth highest per capita income.  Hence, many people prefer to apply for the Australia Permanent Resident Visa.

Requirements of Australia Permanent Resident Visa

  • Applicant age should be less than 50 years
  • The nominated occupation must be included in the Skilled occupation list
  • Should have Australian or any other nation work experience for the nominated occupation
  • Should not have any criminal records
  • Good level of English proficiency
  • Should be in good health
  • Should have particular skills to meet the needs of the labour market

Australia PR to Work in Australia

The common question asked by the people is, do they qualify for the Australia Permanent Resident Visa, it is not only difficult to answer but almost impossible. But seriously, it is the most commonly asked questions asked by the individual.The only people who can tell the individual whether he/she qualifies is a Department of immigration & Border control, after receiving their complete application. But there are few consultants  who are skilled in assessing the individuals’ chances of getting a visa for Australia. They would guide the individual throughout the process.

Australian Employer nomination scheme  allows the employers belonging to Australia to sponsor the employees who are not native and provide them Australian PR to work in Australia. The skilled migration Visa offers the holder a right to live as well as work in Australia on a regular basis. They can study as well as benefit from the public health system and also help in sponsor other immigrants.  This Visa not only allows you, but also allows the family members to live as well as work in Australia on a permanent basis.

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