Five Major Things to Check before Applying for PR Visa in Australia

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How to Get a PR Visa to Australia

The Permanent Residence Visa of Australia attracts many persons around the world. There is an explosion of the numbers in Expression of Interest and Department of Home Affairs, Australia annually receives many applications also.

The immigration system in Australia is well organized and is based on points. The process to obtain permanent residency is hassle-free.  Every factor in the profile allocates points to the applicants. We present major factors which an aspirant needs to check prior to applying for PR in Australia



The age of an aspirant is an important factor while applying for Australian permanent residency. It must be lower than 45 years at the time of applying. Moreover, there are maximum points for an age that is between 25-32 years. After that period the allocation of points for age decreases. It is lowest between 40 and 44 years.

2-Occupation must exist in the list

All applications for Australian PR visa need to be for occupations which exist on the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia. Please check the presence of occupation in the Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations before sending the application.

3- English Language Proficiency

Having a good proficiency in the English language is a norm while applying for Australia PR. International English Language Testing System is recognized globally as an agency that organizes necessary English tests and allots proficiency score to all applicants. Although, level 6 is the requirement by immigration officials, candidates must exceed that level and increase their chance to become successful.

4- Submit EOI and obtain 60 points

Owing to Australia following the point system for attracting skilled migrants all applicants who wish to qualify must submit the Expression of Interest online. For this they will get at least 60 points for education, age, language skills and work experience.

5- Certificates denoting good Health and Character

All applications for Australian PR visa must have good health at the time of applying for PR. Moreover, they must not suffer from an objectionable disease and present a medical s effect. Furthermore, they need to possess a good character, where there are no criminal cases against their names. There must be a PCC supporting this fact.

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