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Australia is greatly in need of highly skilled professionals. The new Immigration rules issued in mid-2012 point to the tremendous shortage of professionals. The number of skilled immigrant visas was suddenly increased to 129,250 from mere 3,400 till July 1 this year, a whopping 38 times rise. This reflects the requirement felt by the government for overseas professionals under the Australia Immigration policy. If you are highly qualified, you can meet the need of the hour. There are a number of visa avenues on offer. So you may choose the right visa that fulfills not only your need but also the need of the hour, not forgetting Australian visas take 6 to 8 weeks for processing.

Opulentus consultants have the record of enabling more than one visa a day under the various categories in regard to Australia. So you would have greater chances if you could approach any of Opulentus offices both in India or abroad.

Opulentus AustraliaLet us take the visas one by one available for the highly skilled people. Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) empowers employers to sponsor overseas workers for employment and Permanent Residence in the country as well as nominate temporary workers who are already working in the country. This visa requires a complete assessment before endorsement of the nomination by the Australian Overseas Department. It maybe noted that no single department can fully approve of a nomination. For instance, if you are a computer professional, your skills and requirement are also assessed by Australian Computer Society.

The ENS scheme works in three streams:

  • Temporary Residence and Transition Scheme, which is for Subclass 457 Visa holders who have already put in 2 years’ service and their employers wish to offer them a permanent position
  • Direct Entry Scheme, which is for people who may have never worked or worked only briefly in Australia.
  • Agreement Scheme, by which an employer through a labor or regional agreement could sponsor one.

  • While meeting other conditions, one should be less than 50 years of age and have English language ability etc.

  • The government may deny a visa in case an employee owes money to it, and the decision turns positive if you could pay back the amount.

The ENS allows the employee to:

  • Reside in Australia on a permanent basis

  • Study in any Australian University

  • Subsidized healthcare and Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme

  • Access to Social Security benefits (subject to waiting period)

Visa Subclass 457 allows one to Work in Australia for a temporary period. It is a temporary visa for a nominated or sponsored professional. Any business/community/government can sponsor a skilled professional, provided there is no citizen or permanent resident who entered under the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List is available.

The Work Permit is such that the employer nominates/sponsors the person, offers a suitable position and applies for the Visa himself.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) allows for Permanent Residency in Australia.
Issued by the Australian government following sponsorship by a state/territory or a relative who is a skilled immigrant himself, it is points based. The validity of the visa is for 5 years, and the holder can apply for Australian citizenship. A Permanent Resident can (apart from the benefits already mentioned):

  • Live and work on a permanent basis

  • Eligibility for citizenship

  • Sponsor immediate relatives for Permanent Residence

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