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MigrtaAustralia has one of the largest immigrant populations in the world. There are currently over 5 million immigrants living in Australia which makes up around a quarter of the entire population. Due to this largely immigrant population, Australia is one of the most multicultural and racially tolerant countries in the worlds. Australian Immigration Benefits Australia offers its citizens, a very high quality of living which is why so many people choose to move there. They currently have the highest national minimum wage in the world and are renowned for their excellent health /education systems. People moving to Australia can expect to benefit from year-round warm climates, very low levels of pollution and some of the most striking natural landscapes you will find anywhere in the world. Due to it’s successful, tried and trusted immigration policy and well laid out immigration programs. Australia is an attractive destination for anyone looking to benefit from its excellent standard of living. Australia Immigration Eligibility criteria  The Australian economy relies greatly on skilled migrants which is why it has such as well laid out immigration program. Skilled migration or sponsored/nominated visas are the most common options for immigrants looking to move to Australia. In order to apply for one of these you will need to pass a points-based immigration test, in which your eligibility will be judged on the following criteria:  Age - You must be under 50 years of an age to apply for a skilled or sponsored visa  Certification- All applicants must pass an IELTS Certification which assesses their English Language Skills and Proficiency  Occupation - You will need to choose the occupation you intend to apply for from either the SOL list (Skilled occupations list) or/CSOL list (Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List) Nomination - If you’re applying for a sponsored visa you will need to get a nomination from an Australian state or territory government Skills - Applicants will have to undergo a skill's assessment test taken by a relevant assessing authority Health/Criminal background - You will need to pass a medical/criminal background check to prove you in health and of good character The Immigration Process and Processing Times Before you can apply for a visa you will need to register an EOI (Expression of Interest) profile on SkillSelect. Your profile is then given a mark out of 60 based on the criteria discussed above. You will need to score at least 60 points or more to be eligible for entry into Australia. Factors such as Age, Education, English Language Proficiency and previous work history will all be taken into account. If you pass all the criteria and are selected for approval, you will have up to 60 days to submit your application for a visa. processing times may vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. However all visas have a minimum processing time of one month and some can take up to a year. Related Helpful links:

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