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Australia SkillSelect: A boon for skilled immigrants

Australian Immigration always stays updated in embedding new technologies that are helping nations’ immigration around the world to offer better immigration services to intending immigrants. As a result of that, the Australian Immigration has come up with a concept of introducing an online platform for immigrants who are interested in migrating to Australia under the point based skilled migration system or on business investment visa programs.

Australia SkillSelectAustralia SkillSelect is an online platform where migrants with intentions of migrating to Australia under the categories of either the point based skilled migration programs or the business investment programs can register their details and express their interest in migration to Australia.

This is one of the changes made to Australian Immigration so that the visa processing time and process can be streamlined and the long story behind obtaining an Australian visa can be cut short.

Australia SkillSelect is beneficial to both the migrants as well as Australian government. The interested migrants upon registering on Australia SkillSelect can be channelized based on their skills and areas of expertise.

There are many areas in the Australian employment arena where such areas are falling short of skilled employees. This scarcity is not only calling out for skilled labor from across the globe to gift promising careers but also to bridge the gap between demand and supply of manpower in such areas.

Australian Immigration’s SkillSelect is a great move so that the areas of employment, the required number of skilled employees can be empirically shortlisted. Migrants who fall under the listed skilled areas will also be helped immensely by Australian Immigration SkillSelect to settle down in Australia.

Coming to the functioning of Australia SkillSelect, it is purely an online platform. International citizens with an interest to migrate to Australia either to invest in a business in Australia or to work for Australian employers under their relevant area of expertise can register themselves on SkillSelect. They can express their readiness to migrate to Australia by submitting Expression of Interest. This Expression of Interest application by immigration enthusiasts will be considered by Australian Immigration and they will invite the corresponding immigrants to apply for a visa.

This is an open platform for private employers in Australia and also by state controlled and tertiary controlled Australian government operating bodies. They can call out for prospective applicants to apply for visas so that they can be granted visas to migrate to Australia based on point based skilled migration programs initiated by Australian government.

With Australian SkillSelect, it is now rather easy for both applicants as well as Australian Immigration to establish the visa based relationships between themselves.

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