Australia Subclass 476 Visa – Skilled Graduate Can Work, Study in Australia

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Australia is one of the sought after immigration destination to work, live and study. It is an advanced nation with a thriving economy, resplendent natural attractions, historical monuments, crystal clear beaches and many. Every year thousands of individuals from across the globe flock to this world-class destination to fulfill their dream of working, settling and visiting the overseas nation.

Why Migrate to Australia? 

Oz, the land of endless opportunities is a dream destination for many individuals, especially for those living in developing nations like India. As per the new statistics of the country, it was found that lack of skilled workers in many domains has made the country to welcome more immigrants and encourage the international students those pursuing their higher education in Australia. It was also said that the nation has also witnessed a steady rise in the count of jobs in the domains of engineering and technology fields.

And with a strong intention to fill that gap, its government has put forth the special program of Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa, a long back. International students holding Australia subclass 476 visa can get the required skilled work experience for working in the province for a certain duration of time.

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa- Subclass 476

Subclass 476 is a short term visa permit that lets an overseas individual to reside in the province for a period of 18 months with unlimited study and work rights.

Have any plans to Immigrate to Australia by making of this special visa class? Then know the basic prerequisites required to move to your dreamland at a faster pace.

Requirements to Apply for Australia Subclass 476 Visa 

An overseas individual will be eligible to Apply for Australia Subclass 476 Visa, if he or she meets the below-listed requirements such as:

  •   Age must be below 31 years
  •   The prospective applicant must have successfully completed an engineering degree at a standard university or educational institution in Oz in the past two years.
  •   Must be able to prove that he or she abides by the English language threshold by providing the test scores prior to the lodge of their application.
  •   Must score a minimum of six points in each of the four components of the IELTS.
  •   Must meet the health and character requirements

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Australia Subclass 476 Visa

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