The Dynamics of Australia Immigration

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The Australian land has witnessed numerous cultures, and many people have settled on the Australian land. Popularly, known as the nation of immigrants, Australia Immigration has allowed systematic settlement of over seven million people in the country. People from 200 different nations of the world have Settled in Australia to Work and live a prosperous life.

Immigration laws are comprehensive and sometimes complex based on the case. Australia has framed numerous laws to facilitate immigration and sometimes acted tough on some instances. Presently, there are 97 visa categories and few bridging visas for the potential immigrants. The Australian Department of Immigration each day attracts 13000 visa applications from different parts of the world.

Australia Immigration attracts visa applications from skilled workers, refugees, and students. Australian education is popular among the international students, and they finally settle here as there are numerous opportunities to work after completion of education. To meet the labor market needs of the Australia, new visa programs for skilled migrants was introduced.

To attract investments, different visa programs have been introduced by the Australian Immigration. The expanding industries apparently demand a right number of immigrants. The skilled visa Subclass 457 was mainly adopted to address the genuine skills related problems faced by the Australian industries.

Many Australian Industries have been consistently making using of the skilled visa categories, to meet the shortage of the skills. It highly respects the experienced professionals and grants permanent residency and at the later stage Citizenship to the potential immigrants.

Immigration plays a crucial role in the growth of Australia. It has become imperative for many countries to attract immigration, Australia in its annual plan attracts over 180 000 immigrants to meet its economic goals.

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