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Partners, Fiancés, Parents, Children, and other Family Members of Permanent Residents or Citizens Australia can Migrate to Australia under the varied migration options available. The 2nd largest migration stream is the family sponsored migration to Australia. If you have a partner or relative in Australia who is already a Permanent Resident or Citizen of the country, then you can easily migrate to Australia as a temporary or permanent resident under Australian Family or Partner Visas.

Australian Family or Partner Visas

Age is not a criterion to qualify for an Australian Partner or Family Visa Also, an applicant does not need to pass the points test. The only requirement for an applicant is to have an eligible sponsor who will be able to sponsor him/her for migrating to Australia.

There are many categories of visas available for a sponsor to help family or partner to apply for Australia Immigration. Some of which are:

  • Parent (aged parent, working aged parent)
  • Relative (aged dependent relative, remaining relative, career)
  • Child
  • Partner (Fiancé, Spouse)

Parents of Australian Permanent Residents or Citizens can migrate to Australia and live with their children through two types of Australian Parent Visas: Working Age Parent (Subclass 103) Visa and Aged Parent (Subclass 804) Visa.

Australian Partner Visa is available for the partners of an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, who wish to migrate to Australia either through a de facto relationship or marriage. The basic requirement to apply for an Australian Partner Visa is to receive sponsorship from an eligible sponsor.

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