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All about Australia’s Skilled Independent Subclass Visa (Subclass 189)

Australian Skilled Independent visaAustralia’s Skilled Independent Visa Subclass (Subclass 189) is a permanent residence visa for Australia which allows an applicant to migrate to that country based on the skills he/she possesses. Thus, the applicant does not need an employer sponsor, or a family sponsor. The applicant to the Australia Skilled Independent visa does not also need to be nominated by a state government or territory government before he or she lodges an application for migration. One of the basic requirements for this visa (Australia Subclass 189) is that the applicant should have chosen or selected (or, ‘nominated’), an occupation out of a list of occupations listed in the occupations lists in ‘Subclass 189’. Also, he or she needs to meet a number of requirements such as he or she also has to get done a suitable skills assessment done, should not be more than 50 years of age and should have obtained the score indicated in the letter of invitation and have enough proficiency in the English language.

Occupational skills and SkillsSelect

The actual steps of the application procedure for the Australia Subclass 189 Permanent Residence visa are as follows. The applicant needs to have occupational skills and must have worked in that occupation for some years. Further to that, he or she needs to check up the list of occupations and find out or determine whether his or her occupation is present on the occupation list or not, based on a program called SkillSelect. SkillSelect helps the government of Australia to ensure that the skilled migration program is based on the needs of Australia’s economy at any point of time. It will aid, assist and support the Australian Government in managing which applicants can apply for skilled migration and for permanent migration, when they can apply and also how many of them can apply. As a result, the government authorities expect to significantly reduce the time taken to process a visa application.

Points Test to determine suitability of prospective applicants for country’s economy

Further to the above, the applicant for Australia Skilled Independent visa, then needs to use a points calculator which assigns points for different criteria such as age, English language ability, educational qualifications, etc. If the applicant has obtained some minimum  points on the points-based self-assessment test, the next step for him/her is to send an ‘expression of interest’ (EOI) to the immigration authorities, who decide whether the application meets the requirements for the points-based test, as well as other suitable criteria for him/her to be suitable for Australia’s Skilled Independence Visa. Then, the government based on the applicant’s application and EOI (Expression of Interest) evaluates his/her application and accepts or rejects the application for the Australia Subclass 189 visa.

More about the Points Test

Also, the points test for the Australia Subclass 189 is a crucial basis for the awarding of this visa and every applicant has to pass/cross this test’s minimum required marks. Points are awarded for age, English language ability, overseas employment, Australian employment, educational qualifications, Australian study and some more criteria. There is a minimum required pass mark, but this varies from time to time, but information regarding what or how much it is, at any point of time is available on the web site and the relevant web pages of the immigration authority. Strict rules, regulations, etc. regarding what are the proper and acceptable documents for verification of different documentary requirements for the whole process are also decided by the immigration authorities and this information has been made freely available to all the applicants, especially on the department’s web site.

The final decision to grant or not to grant the Australia Skilled Independent visa

Once a decision is made after the above indicated exhaustive process for the Australia Subclass 189, the applicant is duly informed of the decision as to whether he or she can migrate to Australia on a Skilled Independent Subclass Visa (‘Subclass 189’).

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