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There are quite a few general skilled permanent residence visas that are on offer by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) in Australia for Immigration to Australia. These are i) the Employer Nomination Scheme (186), ii) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187) iii) the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), iv) Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190), v) Skilled Regional Visa (887). All of these aforesaid, as expected, have different requirements, conditions, criteria to be met, etc. before the applicant can migrate to Australia.

Permanent Residence Programs of Australia

Australia Employer Nomination Scheme (subclasss 186)

The Employer Nomination Scheme (subclasss 186) is a visa that allows the successful applicant to migrate to Australia permanently. The scheme allows the applicant to work in Australia under one of the three schemes i) the Temporary Residence Transition stream ii) the Direct Entry stream iii) the Agreement stream. The applicant for Australia Skilled Immigration can be in Australia or outside of it when he/she applies for the visa. Apart from the general requirements for this Australia Skilled Immigration visa, such as ‘the applicant has to be nominated by an approved Australian employer’, ‘he/she ought to be under the age of 50 years’, ‘he/she ought to have the qualifications, skills and English language requirements, unless there are applicable exemptions for the applicant’, ‘he/she has to apply under the nominated stream’, there are specific and separate requirements also for each of the streams therein for the application for Australian Immigration to be successful.

Australia Skilled independent – permanent visa (subclass 189)

The skilled independent – permanent visa (subclass 189) as the name implies is for skilled applicants who are desirous of migrating to Australia independently. The visa is a points-tested skilled workers visa and is for those who do not have sponsorship from an employer or nomination from a government of a state or territory. There are a few steps that the applicant Australian Immigration must follow to be eligible to or be considered for migration. Thus, he/she must possess the basic requirements such as not being above 50 years of age and have at least a minimal competence in English. Further to that, he/she must also have nominated an occupation in the ‘occupations list’ and must have obtained an appropriate/suitable skills assessment test done of his/her occupation. And, also, further to all of the aforesaid, the applicant for Australia Skilled Immigration must have submitted an EOI (Expression of Interest) for his application. And based on all of these, the applicant if he/she receives a ‘Letter of Invitation’ from the government, his/her application for Immigration to Australia will be considered based on the the score he/she has specified and actually obtains in the ‘LOI’ (‘Letter of Invitation’).

Australia Skilled nominated permanent visa (subclass 190)

The skilled nominated permanent visa (subclass 190) is very similar to the skilled independent – permanent visa (subclass 189). Thus, it has similar requirements and similar conditions apply. The only or primary/main difference is that the applicant for Australian Immigration in/through this category has to be ‘nominated’ by a state or territory government agency. Every other condition/requirement such as ‘age’, ‘points test’, ‘EOI’, ‘LOI’, etc. are similar and are also applicable to the applicant for Immigration to Australia.

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