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15,066 student visas cancelled by Australia!

A report stated that Australia has abandoned 15,066 visas of overseas students for violating visa rules. The rate of cancellation is 37% more than last year.  Nearly 3,624 students facing deportation of flunking subjects or missing classes and 2,235 students who gave up their original courses and were found working unlawfully in the country, visas of such students were canceled. Indian students got more affected than Chinese by the decision taken by Australia. According to the new rules, students will have to work for 2 years after their graduation from the Australian universities. Students in vocational courses will have to wait and see by next year to know where they stand.  In June 2011, out of 332,709 overseas students in Australia, nearly half of them were studying from University and one third of them were engaged in vocational training courses. Most of the overseas students were admitted to Victoria and New South Wales.  In every 5 overseas students 1 is Chinese and in every 6 overseas students 1 is Indian, said in a report.  In order to get a student visa for Australia students should meet the following requirements.

  • Should be registered in a course
  • Should clear medical test
  • Should pass English language test
  • Should be able to pay tuition and living costs.
Australian Immigration Department provides 8 types of visas for students which include:
  • Vocational training university visas
  • English language courses visas
  • Scholl education visas
The report also stated that in last 3 years nearly 8,309 students were found illegal in the country as their student visas expired and they have not yet applied for new visa which is called bridging visas. Some overseas students are not authentic because they misuse the work rights of student visa as a medium for high incomes in Australia and some women have also come to Australia on student visas to work illegally.

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