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Australia Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Australia is definitely a choice of destination for highly skilled workers. Australia Skilled Independent visa is available for those people who are willing to migrate to Australia for work and residence.

Australia Skilled Independent VisaAustralia Skilled Independent visa is a permanent residence visa for highly skilled workers, who are neither sponsored by territory or the state government nor by a family member or employer.

Process for Australia Skilled Independent visa:

To attain an Australia Skilled Independent visa skilled migrants will be evaluated on a points based system. A minimum score of 60 points has to be acquired to gain eligibility for this visa. After the minimum score is met the skilled workers have to submit an ‘expression of Interest’ primarily and afterwards be invited through skill select to apply. One can be within or outside Australia while applying.

Australia Skilled Independent visa benefits:

Australia Skilled Independent visa allows the skilled migrants and their family members to

  • Reside in Australia for indefinite period
  • Study and work in Australia
  • File application for Australian citizenship If found eligible
  • Sponsor the qualified relatives for permanent residence
  • Travel to Australia or from Australia for up to five years from the date the visa has been approved.

Australia Skilled Independent visa Requirements:

Only the eligible applicants who have scored minimum score of 60 points will receive a letter of invitation from Australia. The skilled migrants will have to meet some more requirements to apply for this visa. Here they are as follows:

  • Has to nominate an occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Need to acquire an appropriate assessment of the skills concerning selected occupation
  • Maximum age limit should be 49 years
  • Must be proficient in English

One who satisfies all the required criteria is eligible to apply for Australia Skilled Independent visa.

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