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Overview of Skilled Independent Visa for Australia Immigration

The Australia Skilled Independent Visa also termed as subclass 189 visa is a points-based visa for workers who are skilled in some occupations and who wish to migrate to Australia. It does not require sponsorship by a family member or employer nor does not need nomination by a state government or territory government. Of course, it requires some eligibility requirements to be met by the applicant, if he/she wishes to have or possess the coveted Australia PR.

Australia Skilled Independent VisaEligibility Conditions and Requirements for Australia Skilled Independent Visa

Thus, the eligibility conditions for the Australia Skilled Independent Visa are that the applicant should have nominated an occupation from the list of relevant occupations, he/she should also have obtained a skills-assessment done of that occupation by a recognized body, his/her age should not be more than 50 years. He/she must have also achieved a score indicated in the ‘letter of invitation’ which is based on a points system, and he/she must have at least some competence in English language. If these basic eligibility conditions are met, the applicant can apply to and hope for Australia Immigration or Australia PR, through the Australia Skilled Independent Visa.

Apart from the above for applying in and succeeding in obtaining Skilled Independent visa for Australia Immigration, the applicant needs to submit an ‘expression of interest’ and be invited by the immigration authorities through a program called ‘SkillSelect’. The applicant can be inside or outside of Australia when he/she submits his/her application for this visa which is for Australia PR.

Benefits of Australia Skilled Independent visa

The benefits of this Australia Permanent Residency visa, which is based on the applicant’s skills, and other such criteria are that he/she can immigrate to and live and work permanently in Australia, which denotes that the applicant has completed the Australia Immigration procedure. In particular, after the completion of the visa process for Australia Skilled Independent Visa, the applicant can live, work, and choose to pursue any line of work or occupation, including starting his/her own business. In addition to this, the Australia PR visa lets the immigrant stay in Australia indefinitely, enroll in medicare and avail of medical benefits. The immigrant or recipient or beneficiary of Australia Immigration can also apply for the country’s citizenship, bring into the country his/her relatives who are eligible to be transferred and he/she can also travel to and from the country for a time duration of 5 years from the date the visa is granted.

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