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Australia Immigration - How to be Exempt from Age Skill and English Language Test

Australian Immigration Policies

The immigration policies of Australia are strict regarding the applicants meeting all the eligibility norms for getting the visa. The standard prerequisites which the applicants must adhere concern the Skills, Age, proficiency in English Language, health as well as character. But in the Permanent Employer Sponsored Program, some visa applicants in specified categories can get the exemption in factors like skills, age and English language.

We present the details regarding the exemptions:

A select few of Australian employers have the capacity to sponsor skilled workers to stay in Australia permanently by using the Employer Nomination Scheme in visa subclass 186. Furthermore in the same way the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa also permits the skilled workers to stay and work in a regional area of the country permanently in visa subclass 187.

Three other streams

Moreover, there are three other streams in which the skilled workers can apply for Employer Nominated Scheme Visa.   They can apply also for Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa.
  1. Temporary Residence Stream
  2. Direct Entry Stream
  3. Agreement Stream
The exemptions regarding English language, skill and age are applicable in the Temporary Residence and Direct Entry streams. The factors which decide the exemptions are the nominated occupation, the salary received, the period of employment (of the applicant) with the employer nominating him/her. Another factor is the stream in which he/she is giving the application for ENS/RSMS. Applicants who apply in the Agreement Stream using the Labor Agreement can talk about the concession terms.

Age Exemption

The visa applicant has to be below 45 years in age if he/she is applying in the Direct Entry Stream or lower than 50 years in age if he/she is applying by using Temporary Residence Stream or should not need the norm to meet the age criteria. These applicants can get an age exemption when they are nominated as
  • A Senior Academician in an Australian university,
  • A Researcher/Scientist/Technical Specialist belonging to a scientific agency of Australian government. This also includes scientific agencies of state/territory government
  • A Medical Practitioner belonging to ANZSCO minor grouping 253, who have discharged the duties in the nominated occupation, as the subclass 457 visa holder, for four years prior to applying in this visa category,
  • The job location has a norm that the applicant must be in regional Australia for two years in these four years. Moreover, the nominated place also must be in regional Australia.
  • An applicant who has worked for the nominating employer in subclass 457 visa holder for the past four years and is applying under the TRS, and who has a salary equal to the Fair Work High Income Threshold in every year during the period of work.
  • Applicants belonging to the Direct Entry Stream that is a citizen of New Zealand and a family member of the New Zealand citizen not belonging to that country, who holds subclass 444/461 visa and who is working for two years out of three years prior to applying for this visa.

Skill Exemption

The applicants applying for visa by using Temporary Residence Stream already meet their skill requirement at the time of holding 457 visa and are working for the nominating employer to do the nominated occupation. Skill exemption in this case is applicable to the applicants who apply in Direct Entry Stream for ENS/RSMS. The skill exemption for such applicants of RSMS visa by using Direct Entry Stream has a norm that the applicant must stay in the country in the past two out of three years prior to applying for the visa at the time of holding subclass 444/461 visa and work with the nominating employer in a nominated job.
  • Skill exemption for such applicants in ENS by using Direct Entry Stream requires that the applicants must:
  • Be nominated as a scientist, researcher or technical specialist by an Australian government scientific agency, including State and Territory government scientific agencies
  • Be nominated as an academician by an Australian university Be in Australia as subclass 444/461 visa holder and work for the past two out of three years with the nominating employer in the nominated occupation prior to applying for the visa.

English Language Exemption

All the applicants must know competent English. The applicants using the Temporary Residence Stream can avail English language exemption. The applicant must complete five years full-time course in secondary/higher education institution where the medium of instruction is English. To get more details related to Canada fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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