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Different Categories of Australia's Temporary Work Visas

Temporary Visas to AustraliaAustralia has varied types of visas when it comes to a person who undertakes (or, wishes to undertake) temporary work there. Thus, Australia’s Temporary work visas comprise visas for ‘temporary work long stay’ visa (meant for long stay) (also called as subclass 401 visa) which is a long stay activity visa, a training and research work visa (also called as subclass 402 visa), temporary work visa (international relations visa) (also called as subclass 403 visa), temporary work skilled visa (also called as subclass 457 visa). There is in addition, a temporary work visa (entertainment visa) (also called as subclass 420). These above constitute the Australia work visas and more specifically, Australia’s temporary work visas.

The first category among the above, or ‘temporary work’ long stay activity visa (also called as subclass 401 visa) allows the holder to come or arrive in the country for a temporary period on a staff exchange basis for activities such as sports, religious work which is full-time, or even domestic work which is full-time. The next type of visa, Training and Research visa (subclass 402) allows the holder to come or arrive in the country strictly on a temporary basis for work related to the holder’s occupation, or undertake professional training or research in one’s field of work/occupation. Thus these are Australia’s temporary work visas for two very different purposes, but both are Australia’s work visas.

The temporary work visa for work in ‘international relations’ (subclass 403 visa) allows a person to come or arrive in the country to represent an alien government (if he/she i.e. the applicant, does not have official recognition or an official designation), or do work for a commonwealth country’s or territory’s government, or do work for someone who is an official representative of a foreign government. Under the category of temporary work skilled visa (or, subclass 457), persons sponsored by businesses/employers can enter and stay in the country for the purpose of working in a ‘skill category’. This type of visa also is an Australia work visa, which is an Australia temporary work visa. Also, this category itself has two sub-categories, ‘Labour agreement’ and ‘standard business sponsor’, under either of which an applicant can apply. And, finally, under the temporary work entertainment visa (also called as subclass 420 visas); the visa holder can enter the country and participate/work in the roles related to the entertainment industry. Examples of the types of people who will benefit from this program include actors and actresses, production and support personnel, other types of crew members, etc.

Thus, Australia’s temporary work visa categories which are that country’s work visas, and are also specifically, that country’s temporary work visas are versatile and a range of people can take benefit from them and use them for their work in that country.

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