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Quantity Surveyor - Top Paid Job in Australia

Overseas Students can increase their Career Opportunities in Australia highly. While there are many multiple categories to choose, there is an individual career on the rise in Australia. Quantity Surveyor and it associated with the field of construction. Australians offers highly preferred education with trade-oriented practical related as a part of learning. Depends on such essential courses it provides, it attracts the huge members of overseas students. This specialization, It seems to be there are Quantity Surveyor Courses provided by reputed Australian universities which you can choose.

 Who is a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity Surveyors serve as qualified professionals specializing in cost management from commencement to finalized calculations regarding the civil engineering and building projects. The person looks after measurement and estimation of the value of construction costs. The professional works for the construction industry and provides significant inputs on the evaluation of management process and Building Cost. What is the earning of a Quantity Surveyor? It has an annual average of AU$74,648. When their skills in project management excel, wages annually increase to AU $110,000.

What are the qualifications needed for becoming a Quantity Surveyor?

A Bachelor’s/Master’s qualification in a suitable field of Construction Management is necessary to pursue it. The qualifying degrees are:
  • Bachelor of Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics
  • Master of Construction Practice
For any aspiring student, intending to apply for Australian PR Visa, opting for courses having an accreditation by Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors is advised, so that a constructive skill assessment ensured.

 Explain the demand for QS in Australia? Explain the likely migration outcomes and job prospects?

QS Professionals have a huge demand in Australia, and it is enhanced owing to skill shortage because sufficient numbers of students do not take it up. There is an occupation ceiling, and 1000 places have allotted for the applicants in the migration programme of 2017, but till date 18 vacancies are filled up. The shortage will exist until more graduates take to studying in this field. There is a lack of awareness about this area among the global students. Recent information: They draw an Initial salary of $63,500 P/A, and the senior professionals have a salary of $110,000 P/A. The Average wage is $75000 P/A. The top three regions employing a Quantity Surveyor are Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Does a PR option exist after studying the course?

Yes, it exists. Students can opt for Skill Assessment, and AIQS is the authority to accredit it. The job is on the MLTSSL, and an applicant can qualify for the PR requirements with 60 points. Additionally, sponsoring from any state/region is not needed.

Can this course be pursued at the Master’s stage without holding relevant Bachelor’s degree in this field?

Yes. The Students can study the course at the Master’s level. The non-graduate entry permits students from all disciplines to be eligible for being a Quantity Surveyor after finishing a Master’s course. Securing an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no categories showing less than 6.0 is accepted for entering the class.

Where can the enthusiastic candidates pursue studies? What is the date of next intake?

Several Australian universities offer Construction management courses at a Bachelor’s and Master’s Level. January 2018 will witness the initial intake for the course. Quantity surveying has great importance, and it is a well-paid job. Quantity Surveyors are real professionals and a career in the Construction industry, with a specialized course yields fruitful results. The occupation figures in the MLTSSL, and there is a bright chance for the global students to gain Australian Permanent Resident status after completing the course. At Opulentus our professional counselors are committed and diligent in providing intelligent solutions to the aspiring students. Specialists in the field and have guided many students to choose a right course. Please contact us in all immigrant-related matters.

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