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Australia immigration policy and rules for new immigrants

Australia ImmigrationAs a nation, Australia relies heavily on skilled migrants due to its relatively low population and a shortage of skilled workers. To remedy this, they have come up with a simple but effective immigration policy which allows them to attract skilled professionals and boost their economy. Australia’s migration program allows for anyone who meets the necessary criteria to live and work in the country providing they first pass a points-based assessment test. This scores applicant based on factors such as age, employment history/experience, and English language skills.

Australia has a variety of different visas, both permanent and temporary that you can apply for depending on whether you plan to study, work or establish your own business in Australia. Those who enter Australia without authority or who overstay their visa will fall into the category of illegal migrants.

If you don’t have existing family or a workplace sponsor based in Australia, then you will most likely need to apply for a skilled worker visa. Applicants applying for this visa will need to choose an occupation from the SOL (skilled occupation list) that most currently matches their current skill-set and workplace experience. This will be the type of employment you are expected to seek when living/working in Australia.

Recent changes to policy

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) is designed for people looking to work in Australia on a temporary basis and holders of this visa can stay in Australia for up to four years. Under current visa conditions, Subclass 457 visa holders have 60 days to find alternative employment should their current employment with sponsor/employer cease. This has changed from the 90 days originally awarded to visa holders in this category. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to cancellation of your visa.

Entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business in Australia can now apply for an Entrepreneur visa, which provides a pathway to permanent residence and allows entrepreneurs that have at least $200,000 in funding obtained from specified third parties, to develop and commercialize their ideas in Australia.

In addition to these changes, there have also been several amendments made to the points test for skilled migrants. This has been adjusted to encourage international students who have completed an Australian postgraduate research qualification in either a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field to remain in Australia. Under the new rules, graduates in these particular fields will be granted additional points towards the entry.

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