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Australia-PR-Luring-Indian-Students-and-ProfessionalsSometimes Indians feel that their efforts are not being recognized in India. Yes, it seems right, when we see the Indians remarkable achievements in different fields of various countries. When it comes to Australian health care system which highly relies on Indian health care professionals, and IT sectors where there is a high demand for Indian professionals, many Move to Australia because of the world class facilities provided by the Australia.

Integrating education programs to the respective industries reduce the burden of unemployment. The good school system with world class infrastructure is attracting more Indian Students to Move to Australia. The success of the country lies in its education and values of the system and dignity of labor. Australia has proved it to the world.

Australia sets its target annually to welcome the immigrants who can progress and settle in the country. It is the most favorable destination for Students and Skilled Professionals. Australia Immigration program has many permanent residency programs for skilled professionals and students.

India is the largest sender of immigrants to Australia as the Indian Nationals have made a valuable contribution to the economy. It is the official source of information from the Australia that in 2013-2014, 40,000 Indian citizens entered Australia by various student and skilled work visa programs.

It is simple to the Indian students to attain permanent residency compared to other specialized programs. All the students who have entered Australia through various study programs can apply for Australia Skilled Graduate Visa 485 which exclusively grants 18 months to 4-year work permits. Your area of study plays a crucial role in awarding work permit to you. After four years of stay, you can Apply for Citizenship in Australia.

Engineering graduates without Australian education can also apply for the work visas. The skilled recognized graduate visa Subclass 476 grants 18 months visa to the engineering graduates.

The great advantage of Australian Permanent Resident visas is the students can sponsor their partners to the Australia as primary applicants. Students are eligible to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency after staying in Australia for two years.

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