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Australia Family Immigration Requirements

Not just students and working class people, but also large numbers of dependents intend to migrate to Australia where their nominees are already residing. That is the reason an Australia Dependent Visa is very popular among the international immigrant circles. Many people residing prosperous lives in Australia look forward to Australia family immigration so that their entire family will be able to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life there. Especially talking on Australia Parents Immigration aspect, many parents who are either aging or contributory in nature choose to migrate to Australia under Australia Dependent Visa. This article predominantly deals with the requirements supposed to be borne by aspirants who wish to migrate to Australia under Australia Family Immigration visas.Australia Family Immigration

The following are the eligibility requirements for parents who wish to move to Australia under Australia dependent visa named as Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143.

  • An applicant must either be a biological or legal parent of an Australian citizen or a permanent residence visa holder in order to turn eligible for Australia Family Immigration visa.
  • Surprisingly, an applicant must have half of his/her children already settled down in Australia under either on citizenship or on permanent residence.
  • Similar to the above mentioned requirement, an applicant’s child(ren) must be residing in Australia than in any other nation.

Apart from Australia parents’ immigration, there is another subclass of visa under Australia Family Immigration which broadly falls under Australia Dependent Visa category. This is called Remaining Relative Visa (Offshore) Subclass 115.

The following are the requirements for this sort of Australia Dependent Visa.

  • An applicant must have a sibling or a parent(s) (step-parents are also welcome) who is already settled in Australia as either a citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Applicants aren’t supposed to have extra siblings elsewhere under the sun except those they have residing in Australia.
  • An applicant must be successful in hunting down an eligible sponsor who is also a relative and staying in Australia hitherto.

With the above mentioned two types of Australia Dependent Visa types, Australia department of Immigration promotes the migration of dependents under Australia Family Immigration policies. Especially, Australia Parents Immigration policies are quite flexible to allow parent(s) of settled Australian residents or citizens to migrate into the country to promise themselves a rewarding life.

Immigrants who migrate to Australia on Australia Dependent Visa Category have ample benefits they are entitled to, in Australia during their stay.

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