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Subclass 457 - Work Visa - Australia ImmigrationSpeculations on the removal of few occupations from Australian Skilled Occupation List are at rising these days in the Kangaroo land. But, the ground reality is the development cannot be achieved without the contribution of immigrants.

The Skilled Occupation List is reviewed every year; it is not a new phenomenon. The list contains 650 occupations, under which people are invited to apply for the Australia permanent residence program. The Australian Minister for Immigration, Mr. Peter Dutton told that the SOL will be reviewed to safeguard the interests of Australian skilled work force, meanwhile emphasizing the importance of foreign workforce.

By mid-2015, in Australia there were 6770 cooks using 457 visas, Journalist, teachers, engineers are on the list of Skilled Occupation List. The fascination for Australian skilled visa programs is very high; Australia is continuously striving to get people to the regional areas, instead of major cities.

The 457 visa allows the approved business firms of Australia to import an employee if the firm is unable to find the talent from local set of skilled individuals. It is the popular program among the skilled individuals. Immigration has always been constructive in Australia, but where ever, locals are denied importance there is a strong up spring of anti-immigrant sentiment. Australia has no such issue as it is the country with great humanitarian values.

There are specific Australian immigration programs that draw individuals to the regional areas, especially doctors who would love to serve on humanitarian grounds.

Numerous people have settled in Australia, with the opportunity provided by the Australian employer. Many people thank Australia’s point based system for its transparent system and processing times.

Inclusion and exclusion of Skilled Occupation List is a regular phenomenon not, new. The waves of anti-immigrant rhetoric have touched Australia, with the few opposition parties opposing immigration.

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