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Canada Nova Scotia Nomination Program

Nova Scotia is a maritime province of Canada. It is the second smallest province in area in Canada and its capital city is Halifax. Nova Scotia has its own PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) in place. It allows the provincial government to nominate for permanent residency individuals who satisfy specific local labour market gaps.  PNP (Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program) applications receive high priority processing from CIC (for Canada Immigration as well). Each province reviews the applications and determines a candidate’s suitability based on its immigration needs and its determination on whether an applicant really intends to live there. The criteria that each province including Nova Scotia vary and can also change with time i.e. they depend upon the province’s exact needs i.e. its (respective provincial nominee program).

Attractions and Benefits of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program 

 There are many benefits to living in and migrating to Canada, i.e. Canadian immigration and Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program) in particular. The high standards of living there, the numerous occupations and segments of industry, agriculture, farming, fishing, make the province truly provide scope and opportunity for those seeking work and a good means of living and this is what makes Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program and Canada PR very attractive and desirable. Thus, at present, some of the prominent industrial sectors of Nova Scotia are agriculture, the defence and aerospace sector, film industry, tourism and Information and Communications Technology, etc. So, by obtaining the permanent residency through the ‘Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee’ program, an applicant can be gainfully employed and also enjoy the high quality of life in the province and sooner than later be a successful immigrant and full-fledged citizen of Canada immigration as well.

 The Different Streams under Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is the initial and beginning procedure and process in an application procedure, which comprises of two steps in all.  Further more, it can lead to permanent residency to Canada, as well. It enables the provincial government of Nova Scotia to select and hire those applicants who would like to settle down in the province, and who have the necessary skills, educational qualifications, and the work experience which are necessary to make good contribution to the labour force and economic situation there by and through the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. There are three different streams under which applicants can migrate to Nova Scotia and Canada (i.e. Canada immigration) under this province. These are a) skilled worker, b) Regional Labour Market Demand Stream c) Family Business Worker.

NSNP through Skilled Workers Stream and the Regional Labour Market Demand

The stream of Skilled Workers under Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program aids and assists firms and companies to select and recruit alien workers who possess those skills which are scarce and are in short supply in the province, for those positions that have not been filled with permanent residents or Canadian citizens. The recent stream constituting the Regional Labour Market Demand comprises of suitable, keen, desirous workers who seek a permanent position which is full-time, and seek to work and live in Nova Scotia province permanently and also avail of Canada PR, too.

NSNP through ‘Family Business Worker’ Stream

The ‘Family Business Worker’ stream under Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program seeks to aid and assist employers hire those workmen who happen to be: close kin, and possess the needed work expertise and have worked for enough number of years; have the work capabilities and skills for jobs in family firms, family enterprises, etc.; and also otherwise have not been able to select and hire persons possessing Canada’s permanent residency or Canadian citizenship.  

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